Transport In Dublin – A Guide To Getting Around Ireland’s Capital

transport in dublin
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Getting around Dublin city is a piece of cake for a local, but for tourists, it mightn’t seem as easy. The truth is, there’s nothing you should be worried about since Dublin’s transport system is constantly improving and trying to make the visitor experience a lot easier.

Once you touch down in the capital city, you’re probably going to ask yourself how you’re going to travel around Dublin. It’s pretty simple since there are quite a few transport options for getting around, which we’ll get into.

When it comes to transport in Dublin city, there’s a certain way things are done, like in every major city. It can get quite confusing sometimes, but you’ll get wherever you need to be in the end.

In this post, we’re going to list all of the major forms of transport in Dublin, give you some insight into what to expect, and show you how to get from A to B. Once you’re finished, you’ll have the city’s transportation system down to a T.

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transport in dublin

What You Should Know About Transportation In The Greater Dublin Area

– Connectivity: Dublin’s public transport network is connected to all corners of the county, it doesn’t just focus on the city. For example, if you wanted to go from O’Connell Street to Howth, there are a couple of ways that you can get there.

– Leap card: A Leap Card is a public transport card that gives visitors unlimited access to the city’s public transport system, like Dublin Bus, Go-AheadIreland routes, Luas, Dart, and commuter rail, for a set fee. See here for more details.

Public Transport is always busy: Yes, you read that right. Public transport in Dublin is really popular because a lot of people refuse to drive into the city due to the traffic being awful sometimes.

– No Ride-Sharing Apps: Uber isn’t a thing in Dublin or anywhere else in Ireland. It would be great if we did have it, but the taxi drivers would cause an uproar and wouldn’t allow it.

– Tickets: Public transportation tickets can be bought at places of boarding, by drivers, or online depending on what type of transport in Dublin you’ll be using.

Before We Start, Let’s Chat A Little Bit About The Leap Card

transport in dublin

A Leap Card is a transport card that you can top up to get discounts on public transport in Dublin. The card can be used on buses, trains, and trams in Dublin. 

Do you know what the best thing is? Tourists can avail of one of these cards; it’s not just for locals. 

Visitors can opt for a top-up card or they can get a 24, 72, or 168-hour pass that gives you unlimited rides on any of the forms of transport listed above for a set fee. The prices are below.

24-hour pass10.00 euros
72-hour pass19.50 euros
168-hour pass40.00 euros

You can purchase a TFI Visitor Leap Card from their website or at selected outlets.

Forms Of Transport In Dublin

Public Buses

transport in dublin

The bus service in Dublin reaches all corners of the county. It’s the cheapest and most popular way to get around.

Dublin Bus is Dublin’s dominant bus company, operating over 136 bus routes through the region. Some of their most popular services include the Dublin Airport Bus (41) (16), Dublin Hop On Hop Off Green Tour Bus, Nightlink Bus, and many more.

Along with their main routes, they also operate the Go-ahead Ireland commuter routes, TFI Local Link to rural areas of Dublin, and door-to-door routes that pick passengers up from their doorstep if demand is there.

How Much Are The Dublin Bus Fares?

Tickets for the Dublin Bus vary depending on where you’re going and if you’re using a Leap Card. See below for the prices.

Adult CashChild CashLeap AdultLeap Child
Short fare price1.70None1.30None
Long fare price2.600.902.000.65
Expresso fare price3.001.302.40 1.00

Are There Any Other Bus Companies That Operate Throughout Dublin?

Dublin Bus isn’t the only bus company that operates in Dublin. There are a few more, which include Aircoach (coach bus) and Bus Eireann. Each of these goes through the city centre and heads out to the suburbs. Some of the routes even lead down into the country, which is ideal for a day trip.

Do Any Of These Bus Companies Offer Routes To Dublin Airport?

Yes, Dublin Bus and Aircoach offer transport routes from the city centre to Dublin Airport.

The Dublin Bus network has two routes that stop at Dublin Airport; they’re numbered 16 and 41.There are multiple stops along these routes that are in the suburbs, so it’s worth noting if you’re thinking of staying a bit outside of the city.

Aircoach also has three shuttle transit routes that stop in the city centre and then at Dublin Airport; they’re numbered 700, 704x and 705x.

See here for more information on how to get from the city centre to Dublin Airport.

Dublin City Bikes

transport in dublin

One of the best ways to get around the city centre is by hiring one of the city bikes.

As part of the government’s push to reduce the number of cars in the city centre, they’ve invested heavily in installing cycling lanes throughout the city, along with bikes to rent at established bike stations on a multitude of footpaths.

How Does Hiring A City Bike Work?

transport in dublin
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Hiring a public bike in Dublin is pretty simple. First, you log on to their website, sign up, and choose a subscription from the options.

After that, all you have to do is head up to one of the bike stations, and just select and release your bike, and then you’ll be on your way.

It’s that simple.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Dublin City Bike?

There are three rental options when it comes to city bike rentals in Dublin. Let’s look at their prices.

3-day ticket 5 euros
Annual subscription35 euros
E-Dublin bikes battery (only available to annual subscription holders60 euros

Each journey you take on the city rental bikes has 30 minutes of free time included. Once the time is up, charges will be applied to your account. You can see the charge prices in this picture.

transport in dublin
Dublin Bikes rental prices

Where Can You Hire A Dublin City Bike?

transport in dublin
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There are tons of locations where you can get yourself a bike rental all over Dublin city, including some of the popular streets such as O’Connell Street, Leinster Street, and many more. 

Check out the Dublin Bikes Map Page where you can see all of the locations throughout the city that have available bikes to rent. It saves you from wandering around looking for one. 

The Luas

transport in dublin

When it comes to convenient forms of public transportation in Dublin, the Luas is right up there.

The Luas is Dublin’s tram system, which has two lines that reach different parts of the region. Each line is labelled by colour, the first being red and the second being green. The lines cross paths twice on the map, so if you’re thinking about branching off to a different part of the city, it’s possible.

How Many Routes Does The Luas Have?

The Luas tram in Dublin has two routes in total, the green line, and the red line, as stated above.

The green line starts at Broombridge on the north side and finishes at Brides Glen on the south side. There are 35 stops on the green line in total, including the popular Stephen’s Green.

Looking at the red line, things are a little different. There are two individual starting points and two individual finishing points. The first line starts at Saggart and the second line starts at Tallaght. Both of the lines finish on the north side of Dublin at two separate locations, which are The Point and Connolly. Compared to the green line, the Luas red line only has 32 stops.

For more information regarding the Luas timetables, see here.

How Much Are The Tickets For The Luas?

Photo Provided By Jmmcdgll – “LUAS-Dublin’s Light Railway System” – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

Ticket prices for the Luas are calculated by zones. There are 10 zones in total. For example, if you were to travel through two zones, you’d simply purchase a ticket for that number of zones. See the Luas map for more details.

Below are the Luas fare prices for single and return journeys.

Single ticketsAdultChild
1 zone2.70 euros0.80 euro
2 zones2.20 euros0.80 euros
3 zones2.50 euros0.80 euros
4 zones2.50 euros1.00 euros
5-8 zones2.60 euro1.00 euros
Return ticketsAdultChild
1 zone3.00 euros1.50 euros
2 zones3.80 euros1.50 euros
3 zones4.30 euros1.50 euros
4 zones4.30 euros1.90 euros
5-8 zones4.40 euros1.90 euros

For more information regarding multi-day tickets, you can check out the ticket section of the Luas website.

Tickets for the Luas can be purchased at any stop with cash or card. If you have a Leap Card, that can be used too.

Does The Luas Stop At Dublin Airport?

Unfortunately, the Luas doesn’t stop anywhere near Dublin Airport. You’re better off taking a bus there instead.

The Dart

transport in dublin
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The Dart is Dublin’s rail network. Getting around to parts of the county can be a little difficult sometimes, especially if you’re based in the city, but the dart solves that problem.

It has never been easier to get around Dublin since the introduction of the Dart rail system. Electrically powered and a swift way to get around, a train ride on the Dart is something every tourist should do at least once when in town.

Where Does The Dart Go To?

The Dart train line is pretty straightforward to understand. The main station from where it departs is Connolly Station in Dublin City Centre. From there, it connects to 31 other train stations across Dublin, including the coastal areas of Howth and Portmarnock.

For more information about the Dublin Dart train routes, see the map on their website.

How Much Do The Tickets For The Dart Cost?

transport in dublin
Photo Provided By Infomatique – “Connolly Station – Inside A Dart Carriage” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Ticket prices for trains in Dublin depend on which rail zones you’re travelling to and from. Check out the prices below.

Zone Adult singleChild Single
11.80 euros1.00 euros
22.15 euros1.15 euros
32.65 euros1.30 euros
42.90 euros1.40 euros
53.90 euros1.55 euros
64.95 euros2.05 euros

When purchasing a Dart ticket, you’ll have 3 options to choose from, which are below.

– Low flex fare: You can’t make any alterations or cancellations to the ticket you purchased.

Semi-flex fare: You can ride on the next or previous train, with the option of cancelling your ticket for a fee.

Fully flex fare: You can take a train at any time of day with the option of free cancellation.

Do Any Trains Go To Dublin Airport?

No trains go to Dublin Airport as there isn’t any train station there. The closest train station to Dublin Airport would be Connolly, which is under a 20-minute drive away depending on traffic.

Car Rental

transport in dublin
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Let’s be honest, getting around Dublin without a car isn’t easy. Hiring a car is the most expensive method of transport on this list. You’ll pay a lot more to rent a car than take the bus everywhere, but if you can afford it, it’s a handy way to get wherever you need to be.

It won’t be one bit difficult for you to rent a car in Dublin. You’ll find tons of car rental companies willing to snap your money up in a heartbeat. The only problem you may have is that if you’re visiting Dublin during the peak season, demand will be higher, so the costs will shoot up, or you may even struggle to find a car available.

Which Car Rental Companies In Dublin Are The Most Popular?

The most popular car rental companies that you should take a look at if you’re thinking of driving in Dublin include well-known names such as Enterprise, Sixt, and Hertz. Always make sure you shop around and check out the lesser-known options before you decide what you want to do. You may find yourself a bargain along the way.

How Much Would It Cost To Rent A Car Per Day In Dublin?

Photo Provided By – Obi – @pixel6propix – Unsplash

The cost of renting a car in Dublin depends on a couple of factors, including –

  1. How old you are
  2. How many years of experience you have driving
  3. What type of car do want

Normally, the price of a car rental starts at around 70 euros a day, depending on which company you go to. Expect that price to go up if you’re looking for something a little fancier, such as a Mercedes.

What Do You Need Before You Hire A Car In The Irish Capital?

Before hiring a car in Dublin, you’ll need the following –

  1. Proof of identity
  2. A credit card
  3. A valid driving license 

Car Parking In Dublin

Let me tell you, it isn’t cheap to park a car in Dublin. Some places charge up to 20 euros for 24 hours of parking. Astronomical prices, I know.

Ask your hotel or accommodation if there’s free parking on site. If they don’t have any, ask them if they know anywhere nearby or somewhere cheap to park it. They’ll have a better idea than you will.


transport in dublin
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Sometimes it’s just easier to take a taxi in Dublin instead of waiting around for a bus that’s stuck in traffic. Taxis aren’t cheap to take in the capital, but if you have a couple of people with you to split the costs, it can be worth your while.

How To Get A Taxi In Dublin

transport in dublin
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You have a couple of ways to get a taxi in Dublin. The obvious one is to head out onto the street and try to hail one. Unfortunately, if you’re staying in an area that isn’t too busy, you might struggle with this option. 

You can order a taxi to your location using a couple of taxi apps that you can download on your phone. You’ll pay an extra fee for the driver having to come to get you, but it’s well worth it if you’re stuck. We’ll list the most popular taxi apps in Dublin further down the post.

If neither of the two options above works for you, ask the person working at the reception in your hotel if they could order you a taxi. They usually know a couple of drivers who would be more than happy to take the fare.

The Best Applications For Booking Taxis

How Do You Pay For Transport In Dublin?

Cash and cards are accepted by most transport operators in central Dublin.

If you’re booking a taxi through an app on your phone, like FreeNow, you can pay by card. Alternatively, you can choose to pay in cash when the taxi arrives.

When taking the Luas or the Dart, you can pay for your ticket at the machine with your bank card or cash.

For a car rental, you have the option at most places to pay either in cash or by card.

To use the Dublin Bikes, you’ll have already paid for your ticket online.

Buses are the only mode of transportation that does not accept cards. You must pay in cash for your tickets unless you purchase them online before.

Useful Transport Tools For You To Use When You Visit Dublin

Transport For Ireland Journey Planner: This tool allows you to put in your travel route and gives you the fastest possible way to get there.

Parkopedia: A website which shows you where there’s available parking in Dublin and how much it will cost you.

Live Departures: It shows you all of the real-time information about when buses, trains (Darts), and trams (Luas) depart from any location in Dublin.

Transport Cards You Should Invest In

The DoDublin Freedom Ticket: A multi-day travel pass that can be used on all forms of public transport in Dublin

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