Where Can You Find Dublin’s Love Lane?

love lane dublin

Street art lovers, we’ve got something special for you. If you haven’t already heard of the spectacular Love Lane, you’re about to be mindblown.

Love Lane is Dublin’s popular alleyway known for its explosive colours and adorable messages written on its walls that have become insanely popular in recent years. It was once just a dirty old alley away, but after its extreme makeover, it sees dozens of interested people every day.

Instagram has blown up Love Lane in recent years, but unfortunately, it’s not as easy as you might think to find. This post breaks down everything regarding Love Lane, including its location, so keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know before visiting.

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love lane dublin

The Story Behind The Art

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “SOME PEOPLE APPEAR TO BELIEVE THAT THIS IS LOVE LANE [ IT IS CRAMTON COURT]-154881” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Love Lane was once just a filthy Temple Bar back lane, but Dublin City Council came up with the “Love The Lanes.” initiative in 2014, which was a plan to scrub up the laneways in Temple Bar, the city’s cultural district, and make the area an open-air gallery. The lane was given a good clean up and then local artists were sent in to get to work, where they painted murals, romantic quotes, lyrics from love songs, poetry verses, and a myriad of hearts.

love lane dublin

Before the clean-up, locals wouldn’t dare walk down the laneways as they were seen as a bit dodgy, and shady characters would hang around the backstreets, which would discourage people from walking through them. But now they’re perfectly safe.

Directions To Love Lane

Photo Provided By InfomatiqueSOME PEOPLE APPEAR TO BELIEVE THAT THIS IS LOVE LANE [ IT IS CRAMTON COURT]-154885” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Love Lane is a hidden gem tucked away in Crampton Court in Temple Bar. It joins Essex Street, which is at the back of the well-known Olympia Theatre on Dame Street.

See below for directions.

Essex Street Dublin
  • Make your way over to the centre of Temple Bar, at the crossroads between Parliament Street and Essex Gate.
  • Head east on Essex Street towards Crane Lane
  • Look out for a lane on the right-hand side of the road at Crampton Court, Dublin 2. You may not be able to see the lane as it’s hidden away. If you still can’t find it, head into a local establishment and ask them where it is. Somebody working there should be able to help you.

What Does Love Lane Look Like?

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “STREET ART IN CRAMPTON COURT [LOVE THE LANES PROGRAMME]-116154” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Love Lane is the most romantic form of street art in Dublin. As you enter, you’ll encounter huge murals with famous Irish quotes alongside them. Continuing on, there are dozens of dotted tiles placed neatly on the walls that have love quotes written on them from famous movies, authors, playwrights, and poets. You may even find a quote from your favourite rom-com. Some of the quotes were even sent to the artists by locals. Artists participating in the Love The Lanes programme put the word out there through social media that the initiative was taking place, and diversifying the quotes was thought to be a good idea.

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “SOME PEOPLE APPEAR TO BELIEVE THAT THIS IS LOVE LANE [ IT IS CRAMTON COURT]-154886” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

How Long Should You Spend At Love Lane?

Love Lane isn’t a place where you could spend the whole day, it’s an area you walk through and admire its beauty. Half an hour is a decent amount of time to check out the laneway. With that time, you can examine the quotes and take some photos.

Other Forms Of Street Art In Dublin

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “DUBLIN STREET ART [DUBLIN DOCKLANDS] REF-103795” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Dublin isn’t a city that’s really known for its street art, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find some. Here are some of our recommendations.

  • Poolbeg Lighthouse, The Great South Wall
  • U ARE ALIVE mural, Dublin 8
  • Tivoli Carpark, The Liberties
  • Blooms Hotel, Temple Bar
  • Longwood Avenue, Portobello
  • Wallis Birds Hands, Dublin 2

Things To Do Nearby Love Lane

Photo Provided By Louis Hansel – Unsplash

After you’ve explored Love Lane, there are a plethora of activities nearby. Here are some of them.

Is There An Entry Fee To See Love Lane?

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “STREET ART IN CRAMPTON COURT [LOVE THE LANES PROGRAMME]-116174” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Love Lane is completely free to enter. It’s like any other public alleyway. Just arrive at the location and explore it as you like.

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