A Comprehensive List Of The Best Walking Tours In Dublin

walking tours in dublin
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Are you visiting Dublin soon and want to see the city with someone who knows it like the back of their hand? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s no better way to see Dublin than by taking a walking tour. When you’re with a local who knows their way around the city, you can get a closer look at the area’s main sights and hidden gems.

We’ve constructed this list of the best walking tours in Dublin so you can see the capital from a local perspective. There’s a wide variety in this post. Whether you’re into the great outdoors or music, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our picks!

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walking tours in dublin

An Original Dublin Walking Tour: See The City’s Highlights And Hidden Gems

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Roam the streets of the capital with a tour guide who has great admiration for the city. This two-hour Dublin city walking tour offers visitors a unique twist whereby your guide will be either a musician, a writer, or an artist in one way or another. You’ll get to see a great number of highlights, including Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity College, and loads more. As well as that, there will be a couple of opportunities to stop by some hidden gems too. We won’t spoil it for you.

Things will kick off from Crown Alley in Temple Bar, and from there, you’ll embark on your guided tour with one of the team’s guides. Five to twenty minutes is spent at each location, and there will be many breaks along the way, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

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Historical Walking Tour Of Dublin

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Dublin has had a troubled history between the struggle for independence, the Famine, and the influences of past revolutions. If you’re a bit of a historical event fan, you’ll love this walking tour of Dublin.

Join a history postgraduate as they take you around the city for two hours to see key points of interest relating to Irish history, including the Four Courts, the City Hall, and Dublin Castle. Each location has a story behind it that will open your eyes to what Dublin has gone through over the years.

There’s a maximum limit of 25 people allowed to join this tour. It’s quite popular, so if you’re interested, don’t wait around to book it.

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The Irish Food Trail Walking Tour Of Dublin

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Get a real taste of Irish cuisine on this three-hour walking food tour. Immerse yourself in the explosive culinary scene of Dublin, understand everything relating to Irish food and produce and see some cool corners of the city. Follow your guide on a tasting tour throughout the metropolis, sampling various dishes in several bars and restaurants. There will also be some craft beers thrown in to wash all of that grub down. 

All food and drink tastings are included on the small group tour, and there are only 18 spaces available. Don’t miss out.

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Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour

Photo Provided By InfomatiqueGREAT DENMARK STREET [A STREET THAT HAS SEEN BETTER DAYS]-144972” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Are you ready to discover the dark side of Dublin? This nail-biting two-hour walking tour is all about gruesome stories that have happened in the capital in the past. From rumours of cannibalism to sleazy brothels, the city’s underworld that existed in the past will indeed have the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

There are seven stops included in total on the dark guided walking tour. Hear about the mysterious story of Jonathan Swift, understand why grave robbing used to be such a big thing, and get creeped out by the local murderers who roamed the streets.

Every evening at 5.30 pm, this excursion departs from Bernardo Square. Ensure you get there on time, as there’s a strict schedule for it.

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Food On Foot Tour

Photo Provided By Mika Ruusunen – Unsplash

Did you know Dublin has a street food scene? Scope out all the best foodie locations on this three-hour walk around the city with an expert guide. Get off the popular tourist trail and stop by a handful of quirky eateries, one being a dessert stop. Sounds scrumptious, right? It would help if you starved yourself beforehand as a lot of eating will be involved.

The downside of the tour is that your food isn’t included. Expect to spend an extra €20 on your grub. Participants who are more into seeing the city and plan on trying one or two bites might prefer it.

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Northside Ghost Walking Tour

Photo Provided By Seanegriffin – Pixabay

Listen to eerie ghost stories strolling through Dublin’s northside, one of the most haunted areas of the county. Follow your well-informed guide through the previous Viking territory, where many reports of paranormal activity have occurred over the years. Take in tales about brutal murders and torturings while standing next to the creepy St Mary’s Abbey and Hendrick Street.

This is an hour and 20-minute night walking tour. Be sure to bring your jacket regardless of the time of year. Dublin gets cold at night, even in the summer.

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Drinks On Foot Pub Tour

Photo Provided By George Bakos – Unsplash

Drink like the Dubliners do on the Drinks On Foot Pub Tour. Stop by four pubs where only locals drink, trying out a number of bevies from Irish whiskeys to flavourful stouts; Guinness isn’t the only thing on offer. You decide whatever you want to consume, but your guide will be there to give you some friendly advice on what’s best. Plenty of pub talk is expected, especially after a few scoops.

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Tasting Tour With Secret Food Tours

Photo Provided By James Sutton – Unsplash

Do you think you can eat like a Dubliner? We’ll see about that. Start down by College Green and head on to eat at some traditional Irish pubs, cozy cafés, old-fashioned food shops, and local markets. Try a good old Irish breakfast for yourself, have a bite of some freshly made soda bread with a side of smoked salmon, and get a lick of a scoop of artisanal ice cream.

You’ll pass some famous tourist attractions like the Guinness Storehouse and Trinity College throughout the excursion, so get your camera ready. The tour is limited to 12 people or less to create an intimate feeling and give participants more personal time with the tour guide. 

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Private Walking Tour Of Dublin

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Maybe you want a guide all to yourself. If so, this three-hour private walking tour that takes you to most of Dublin’s prominent landmarks will be right up your alley. Wander through the cobblestone streets with your personal guide to see the Ha’penny Bridge, the Molly Malone Statue, the Department of the Taoiseach, and more. You decide when you go, whether it be morning or night.

The starting point for this tour is Temple Bar, and it ends at the Spire, so you’ll even get to see one last attraction before you finish up.

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1916 Rebellion Tour

Photo Provided By Mark Lawson – Unsplash

Gain some knowledge about a period of Irish history that changed the country forever on this two-hour 1916 Rebellion walking tour. When you meet your guide, you’ll be given a copy of the Proclamation that was read out on the day of the 1916 Easter Rising. Check out sites around Dublin relevant to the revolutionary period, like the City Hall. Find out how Ireland gained independence and the fallout that led to the civil war. 

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The Ultimate Street Art Walking Tour

Photo Provided By ElCarito – Unsplash

Search for creative murals and fabulous wall paintings on this two-hour street art tour. Make your way down hidden alleyways discovering extraordinary graffiti works and the stories behind the gifted artists who put them there. Meet at the simple departure point outside Dublin’s Grand Social Bar, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to seeing many masterpieces.

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Music Walking Tour

Photo Provided By Rory Gallagher – Pixabay

U2 and Thin Lizzy are only scratching the surface when it comes to music across Dublin. Ramble the city streets with an Irish musical enthusiast to learn about the capital’s relationship with its homegrown talents as well as the places they made famous, like the Olympia Theatre. Pass by the local buskers on Grafton Street who hope one day to follow in the footsteps of Dublin’s icons.

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In Our Shoes Walking Tour

Photo Provided By Boyne Digital – Unsplash

Give back to the local community through the In Our Shoes Walking Tour. The company was set up to show tourists the lesser visited sides of Dublin and invest the money made back into those communities. It’s a short tour lasting one hour and full of information about lesser-known attractions and how everyday life works in the city. Start by the famous river Liffey and end up in places that Dubliners only know.

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Private Medieval Walking Tour

Photo Provided By Tony Webster – “St. Patrick’s Cathedral — Dublin” Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

The medieval period in Dublin was completely different from what our great city is now. Imagine the majority of citizens working in trades, one castle was the centre of attention, and diseases were rampant. Join this three-hour private walking tour where you’ll hear astonishing stories about what life was like during those times and visit places that were symbolic then and still are now, like St. Patrick’s Cathedral, St. Audoen’s Church, and more. Every attraction you visit besides the Chester Beatty Library is outdoors. Don’t forget your jacket in case the weather isn’t on your side.

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Howth Walking Tour

Photo Provided By Adam Markon – Unsplash

Famed for its breathtaking coastal views, mouthwatering fish and chips, and charming streets. Everyone that visits Dublin has to take a trip to see the gorgeous seaside village of Howth. Get to know the city’s most famous suburb with a local by your side on this small group three-hour tour. Saunter along the Howth Cliff Walk, take photos of the Baily Lighthouse, and listen to anecdotes about some folklore myth.

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