The Ultimate Guide For Tipping In Dublin

tipping in dublin
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Every once in a while, we love to reward the people who go above and beyond for us by giving them a tip. In some places, it’s mandatory, while in others it’s optional. But what’s the crack with tipping in Dublin?

Giving somebody a tip in Dublin is a grey area. You may ask one individual and they’ll tell you that they never do it, but on the other hand, you’ll have another person tell you that it’s rude not to.

There’s no real rule about giving tips in Dublin; it’s each individual’s choice if they want to leave a little something behind or not. In certain situations, it’s expected more than in others, which we’ll get into more later.

This guide will give you a full breakdown of tipping in Dublin before you head off on your travels. All of the information in this guide relates to the whole of Ireland as well, so take some notes.

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Do You Tip In Dublin, Ireland?

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Tipping in Dublin isn’t like in any city in the USA where it’s mandatory. If you want to tip somebody, it’s entirely up to you.

Assume you receive excellent service but cannot afford to tip. That’s perfectly fine. For anybody who’s used to tipping, the staff will obviously highly appreciate any sort of extra gesture you do leave behind. They won’t find it offensive.

How To Tip In Dublin, Ireland

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Leaving a tip behind after you’ve been treated to great service in Dublin is easy. There are a few ways you can do it. See some examples below.

  • Ask your server if you can leave a tip behind once you’ve been handed the bill.
  • Leave some extra cash behind on top of the bill.
  • When paying by card, ask the server if you can add a tip to the transaction. (Always ask if they will receive the tip before doing this, as some employers are known to keep the tips and not give the servers anything).

How Much Should You Tip In Dublin, Ireland?

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Since there’s no law on how much to tip in Ireland, you can leave behind whatever you like, although the vast majority of people will tell you to leave 10 percent.

What Situations Are You Most Likely To Tip In Dublin, Ireland?

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When using certain services in Dublin and around Ireland, you may find yourself in certain situations where you think you should tip the provider. These are the most likely ones.

Ordering A Pint

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What a lot of people find if they’re after ordering a couple of drinks, they’ll usually leave behind the coins if they’ve paid in cash. I personally try to do this because I worked as a bartender for many years, but there’s nothing wrong with just walking away.

After A Meal

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If you’ve had a lovely three-course dinner in one of the many lovely restaurants in Dublin and the service was brilliant, it’s always nice to leave something behind. This is the most common form of tipping among Irish people.

Jumping Out Of Your Taxi Once You’ve Arrived At Your Destination

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Some people will argue that taxi drivers make enough money off you in the first place and they pocket most of it, so you shouldn’t be tipping a taxi driver in Dublin, but if you’re after having a few scoops and feeling a bit wavey and a good chat with them, why not?

After A Hair Cut

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You’ll find plenty of great hairdressers all over Dublin who do a great job keeping the locals as fresh as can be. After a haircut, you may feel like the hairdresser went above and beyond to freshen you up. Tipping in this situation is not unusual.

At The End Of A Guided Tour

Regular tour users will always say that it’s a nice touch at the end of a guided tour to tip. Some tour guides will even drop a little hint at the end if you want to leave something behind. Don’t feel obliged to do it if you haven’t got the money.

Checking Out Of Bed And Breakfast

Tipping at the end of a stay in a bed and breakfast is uncommon but not unheard of. Maybe you had a real connection with your host and felt like they really cared about you enjoying your stay. Then maybe it could be worth thinking about.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tipping In Dublin, Ireland

Can You Tip With A Card?

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Most places will allow you to tip with a card in Dublin. You might find a small family business here or there that won’t allow you to. Always make sure that the server is receiving the tip you’re giving. Ask them so you’re 100 percent sure.

Will I Ever Find Myself In A Situation In Dublin Where Tipping Is Mandatory?

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The only situation where tipping is mandatory in Ireland is in some restaurants or bars. They’ll put a 10/20 percent service charge on your bill if you have a large group. In some places it’s eight people, in others it’s twelve. It all depends on the establishment.

tipping in dublin

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