Where Are The Top Mini Golf Courses In Dublin + Surrounding Areas?

mini golf dublin
Photo Provided By Jason Abrams – Unsplash

Oh, good old mini-golf. There’s nothing better than pacing around a themed course, whacking a few balls whilst competing with your mates.

While there aren’t a whole lot of crazy golf courses in the Dublin area, the ones that are around offer something special for all types of meetups, whether you’re heading out on a first date or looking to socialise with some pals that you haven’t seen in ages.

Today, we’re going to give you the lowdown on where the best mini-golf courses are in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Grab your clubs and let’s get going.

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Rainforest Adventure Golf (Dundrum)

Photo Provided By Au Kirk – “Flickr Mini-Golf” – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

Rainforest Adventure Golf is easily the most popular indoor crazy golf course in Dublin. 

Located in the leafy suburb of Dundrum, Rainforest Adventure Golf has two brilliant indoor mini-golf courses. Each of them has 18 whopping holes that take you through a lifelike jungle that replicates something from the South American Amazon Rainforest.

The two courses are named after the native Central American people, the first being the Mayan course, and the second being the Aztec course. Both are of the same difficulty but offer a different style of hole. With some spooky animal and waterfall noises in the background, you’ll surely be made to feel like you’re actually playing in a rainforest.

Both of the courses take roughly 45 minutes to complete, which isn’t too long, so we recommend you take on the two courses to maximise your time there. 

As you walk onto the premises, you’ll pass Dundrum’s Rainforest Cafe which is a tasty place to grab a bite to eat in the middle of your rounds of golf (or maybe a sneaky beer or two).

What Are The Rainforest Adventure Golf’s Opening Hours??

mini golf dublin
Photo Provided By Pixel2013 – Pixabay

Rainforest Adventure Golf is open every day of the week, Monday to Sunday, from 10 am until 11 pm.

Where Is Rainforest Adventure Golf Located?

You’ll find Rainforest Adventure Golf in Dundrum which is only 30-35 minutes outside of Dublin city centre.

Address – Unit 6, Dundrum South Dundrum Town Centre, Dundrum, Co. Dublin

How Much Does It Cost To Play At Rainforest Adventure Golf?

The cost of playing at Rainforest Adventure Golf varies depending on how many mini golf games you want to play. You can purchase a one-course ticket or add the second course for a discounted price.

Prices For A Single Course

  • Single adult – 9.85 euros
  • Under 15 1 course – 8.75 euros
  • Under 5 1 course – 4.80 euros
  • Student 1 course – 8.86 euros
  • Senior 1 course – 8.75 euros
  • Family 1 course – 30.00 euros

Prices For 2 Courses

  • Single adult – 14.90 euros
  • Under 15 1 course – 12.50 euros
  • Under 5 1 course – 7.00 euros
  • Student 1 course – 13.41 euros
  • Senior 1 course – 12.50 euros
  • Family 1 course – 42.50 euros

Fort Lucan Outdoor Adventureland Crazy Golf

Photo Provided By Fort Lucan, Co Dublin Photo Chris Bellew / Fennell Photography

Fort Lucan Adventureland is home to the only outdoor crazy golf in the whole of Dublin.

Lucan’s very own adventure park has been open since 1993 and has tonnes of activities for adults and kids to do, including waterslides, playgrounds, and, of course, the mini-golf course.

The Viking-themed miniature golf course is the ultimate place where adults can compete against their children to see who’s the real winner in the family. Just because kids are allowed to play does not mean that the course is easy. We’ve seen plenty of adults struggle with it before.

Booking in advance is advised to avoid disappointment, especially in the summer months. 

For safety reasons, children who wish to play a game of crazy golf must wear a helmet and be over the height of 1 metre.

What Are Fort Lucan Adventureland’s Opening Hours?

Fort Lucan’s opening hours are always changing depending on the time of year.

Fort Lucan Opening Hours

  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday – Closed
  • Wednesday – 14:00 pm to 17:30 pm
  • Thursday – 14:00 pm to 17:30 pm
  • Friday – 14:00 pm to 17:30 pm
  • Saturday – 09:30 pm to 13:00 pm + 14:00 pm to 17:30 pm
  • Sunday – 09:30 pm to 13:00 pm + 14:00 pm to 17:30 pm

Where Is Fort Lucan Adventureland Located?

Photo Provided By Fort Lucan, Co Dublin Photo Chris Bellew / Fennell Photography

Fort Lucan Adventureland is located in Lucan, which is a 35 to 40 minute drive from Dublin city centre.

Address – Fort, Westmanstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin, K78 E678

How Much Does It Cost To Play Fort Lucan Adventureland?

Since Fort Lucan is an adventure centre, you’ll have to pay for entry into the park. Here are the prices.

  • Adult entry – 7 euros
  • Child entry – 14 euros (doesn’t include all of the rides)

Mini Golf Courses Not Far From Dublin City Centre

Lullymore Heritage + Discovery Park

Photo Provided By Lullymore Heritage + Discovery Park

The Lullymore Heritage and Discovery Park’s 18-hole mini-golf course is in close proximity to Dublin’s city centre and well worth the drive.

Visitors can expect plenty of twists and turns, along with a heap of challenges with a twist of heritage at Lullymore’s crazy golf course. Even though experience playing golf isn’t required, bagging yourself a hole-in-one on a lot of these holes is quite difficult.

A lot of the holes on the course have a certain theme, which makes each hole more and more exciting. The horseshoe hole is definitely one that will blow your mind.

What Are Lullymore Heritage + Discovery Park’s Opening Hours?

Lullymore Heritage + Discovery Park opens at the same time every day of the week, which is from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm.

Where Is Lullymore Heritage + Discovery Park?

Photo Provided By ~Pawsitive~Candie_N – “Mini Golf” – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

Lullymore Heritage + Discovery Park is in county Kildare. It’s only an hour and a half from Dublin city centre.

Address – Heritage & Discovery Park, Lullymore East, Lullymore, Co. Kildare, R51 E036

How Much Does It Cost To Play At Lullymore Heritage + Discovery Park?

Lullymore Heritage Park charges an admission rate into the park, and then you can play as you please, along with having some time to explore the area.

Prices To Enter

  • 2 Adults – 2 Children €33.00
  • 1 Adult – 3 Children €33.00
  • 1 Adult – 2 Children €26.00
  • 2 Adults – 1 Child €26.00
  • 1 Adult – 1 Child €18.00
  • Extra Child €8.00
  • Under 2 years (baby in arms) FREE
  • Single Adult €10.00
  • Special Needs €8.00 – Carer Free on presentation of Carers ID Card  (HSE, IAA, FCI)
  • Senior Citizen €9.00

Navan Adventure Centre (Navan, Co.Meath)

Photo Provided By Daniel Kirsch – Pixabay

Situated in county Meath, the Navan Adventure Centre has a nifty little crazy golf course for all age groups.

The 9-hole course provides a happy medium, catering to people of all skill sets, whether you’re a talented child aiming to make a show of your parents or an adult who’s never put your hands on a golf club before.

Just to give you a heads up, the course is outdoors, so if you’re planning on heading over there when it’s raining, get your jacket ready.

What Are The Navan Adventure Centre’s Opening Hours?

Navan Adventure Centre is open Monday right through to Sunday from 09:30 am to 21:00 pm every day of the week.

Where Is Navan Adventure Centre Located?

You will find Navan Adventure Centre in County Meath. It’s only an hour away from Dublin city centre.

Address – Proudstown Road, Navan, Co. Meath

How Much Is It To Play A Game Of Golf At Navan Adventure Centre?

Once you purchase a ticket to Navan Adventure Centre, you’ll have access to multiple activities in the park, including the mini-golf course.


  • Adult – 7 euros
  • Child – 17 euros

Pirates Cove, Co. Wexford

Photo Provided By Mike Lacon – “Mini Golf = Flickr” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Pirates Cove mini-golf course is located in County Wexford and is ideal for a family day out.

Golfers who take on the adventure golf course will need to stay focused as they’re brought through the silent lakes and wild forests to get to the final hole. There are 18 holes on the course in total, some short and some hitting nearly 40 feet.

Night owls can wait until darkness arrives and head up the course to play their game. The light display really does give the place a magical feeling.

Anybody can play once they are three years old.

What Are The Pirates Cove Opening Hours?

Anybody wishing to play a round of crazy golf at Pirates Cove can do so from 11:00 a.m. until 21:00 p.m. Keeping in mind that the last game must commence at 20:00 pm.

Where Is Pirates Cove Located?

Pirates Cove Golf is located in Courtown, Co.Wexford, and it’s only an hour and a half from Dublin city centre.

Address – Seamount, Courtown, Co. Wexford, Y25 WD85

How Much Is It To Play At Pirates Cove

The prices for a round of golf at Pirate’s Cove are as follows:

  • Adult: €11   
  • Child: €10
  • 2 Adults and 1 Child: €30.50
  • 2 Adults and 2 Children: €39
  • 2 Adults and 3 Children €47

Clara Lara Funpark, Co. Wicklow

mini golf dublin
Photo Provided By Aaron Burden – Unsplash

Clara Lara Fun Park in County Wicklow has a lovely little miniature golf course for adults and children to play on.

This mini-golf course is a little smaller compared to the others on this list, but it’s still worth checking out as there are quite a few holes for you to mess around on.

Both adults and children are allowed to play on the course against each other. Kids, go easy on your parents.

What Are Clara Lara’s Opening Hours?

Clara Lara is open every day of the week, Monday to Sunday, from 10:30 am to 17:45 pm.

Where Is Clara Lara Located?

Clara Lara is located near Glendalough in County Wicklow.

Address – Glendalough, Knockrath, Co. Wicklow, A67 CY53

How Much Is It To Play At Clara Lara?

Golfers must pay admission to the Clara Lara adventure park to play a round of golf. 


  • Adults – 20.00 euros
  • Children – 25.00 euros

Airtastic Centre Mini Golf, Co. Kildare

Photo Provided By Airtastic

Crazy golf at Airtastic Centre stands out compared to the others on this list. Why’s that? Well, it’s space-themed. Yes, you read that right.

Golfers who dare to tackle the 18-hole course will pass the moon and the sun whilst battling it out to see who the real king or queen of space is. From lifelike spaceships to replicas of planet Mars, this mini-golf course will really make you feel like you’re away from planet Earth.

What Are Airtastic Centre Opening Hours?

The Airtastic Centre is open every day. The hours of operation depend on the day, but they’re mostly similar. 

Opening Hours

  • Monday – 09:30 am to 21:30 pm
  • Tuesday – 09:30 am to 21:30 pm
  • Wednesday – 09:30 am to 21:30 pm
  • Thursday – 09:30 am to 21:30 pm
  • Friday – 09:30 am to 22:30 pm
  • Saturday – 09:30 am to 22:30 pm
  • Sunday – 10:00 am to 21:30 pm

Where Is the Airtastic Centre Located?

The Airtastic Centre is located in Celbridge in County Kildare. It’s only a handy 40-minute spin from Dublin city centre.

Address – Maynooth Rd, M4 Interchange Business Park, Celbridge, Co. Kildare, W23 PH99

How Much Is It To Play At The Airtastic Centre?

Prices to play mini-golf at the Airtastic Centre are as follows:

  • Adult – 9.50 euros
  • Child – 9 euros

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