Is Dublin REALLY Worth Visiting On A Trip To Ireland?

is dublin worth visiting
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Ireland’s capital has been making it onto every second tourist’s radar lately. The city has seen a massive influx of tourists over the past decade, and it’s only becoming more and more in demand. Dubliners LOVE to see it.

Whether it’s spectacular tourist attractions like the Book of Kells in Trinity College, spacious parks to have a nice walk in like Merrion Square or vibrant nightlife areas such as Camden Street, little aul Dublin really does have something for everybody.

Lately, I’ve had a couple of people ask me the question: Is Dublin really worth visiting? I thought it would be the perfect time to get a post written and break it down for our viewers to give them a better idea before they go and book any trip.

This post is going to give you a proper insight into whether Dublin is worth visiting or not. You’ll find everything you need to know before booking your trip, including things such as essential tourist information, the good bits and the bad bits, and much, much more.

Grab yourself a pen and paper, it’s time for a breakdown.

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What Is Dublin Like To Visit?

is dublin worth visiting
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Dublin is the heart and soul of Ireland. It’s the country’s capital city, with an estimated 1.43 million people living in it. In comparison to other major European cities, it’s quite a small city which is ideal if it’s your first time here.

In terms of the city’s vibe, there’s a real sense of multiculturalism. People from all over the world have come to Dublin, set up shop, and decided to call the place home. Dublin really is a city that always has its arms open for anybody and everybody.

When it comes to tourism, a lot of visitors tend to make their way to Dublin for the nightlife scene, but there’s much more to the city, such as a rich history, wonderful areas of nature, and the amazing people that live here, which we’ll discuss in more detail later. 

If I was to describe Dublin in one sentence for tourists, it would be that by the time you leave, you’ll call it a home away from home.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Dublin?

is dublin worth visiting
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Dublin can be visited at any time of the year and you’ll still have a great time. There’s always something going on around the city, but there are some factors you need to take into account before choosing when you want to visit.


is dublin worth visiting
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Not just in Dublin, but in the whole of Ireland, the weather is unpredictable. One moment, the sun could be beaming, and, within a matter of minutes, the rain could be pouring. That’s just the way it is here.

So, how do you plan around that?

Well, first things first, the weather is more likely to be better in the summer, but that’s not to say it won’t rain. Temperatures will hit as high as the lower 20s and can drop below 10 degrees celsius. Regardless of the temperature, it’s still going to rain some days, but at least it will be warm.

During the winter months, which are December, January, and February, it’s going to be cold and wet. It’s rare that the temperatures will reach above 10, and there’s a possibility of them hitting below 0 in the minuses.

The shoulder seasons again are unpredictable, but won’t be as extreme as winter and summer. From March to May, the weather gradually starts to improve in terms of heat, but there will be rain. From September to November, things start to cool down again and the winter weather slowly creeps back in.

For weather, the summer months are obviously the best, but if you want to dodge the crowds and are not too bothered by the weather, March to April is a brilliant time to visit.

Tourism Seasons

Let’s be honest, whenever people have time off, they want to travel.

Most people take their holidays in the summer months, which ultimately drives demand up in Dublin. Once demand rises, prices will also start to rise, which means if you want to visit in the summer, it’s going to be more expensive. 

Winter can also be busy because everybody is travelling home for the Christmas season, which again will make it more expensive.

The shoulder seasons don’t get as much attention, so everything will be cheaper, including flights and accommodation. This makes it a brilliant time to visit, especially if you’re looking to save a few quid.

So, When Is The Best Time To Visit Dublin?

Overall, when you factor in weather, seasons and value for money, the shoulder season between March and May is definitely the best time to visit Dublin. You’ll save money, there’s a decent chance the weather will be on your side, and it won’t be nearly as busy as it would be in the summer.

How Long Should You Spend When Visiting Dublin?

is dublin worth visiting
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Of course, you can spend an endless amount of time exploring Dublin as there are tons of things you can do and see, but a general rule of thumb would be to spend at least two days in the city, and if you’re planning on heading out to the suburbs to do some activities, you could easily spend a week.

Is Dublin Safe?

is dublin worth visiting
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Yes, Dublin is generally safe. Like every other major city, there are some parts of the city that you should avoid at night, but tourists wouldn’t be near them anyway.

Tips For Staying Safe In Dublin

  • Don’t flash your belongings as pickpocketing does happen.
  • When in tourist hotspots, e.g., Temple Bar, watch out for people trying to scam you. Since it’s a tourist area, it’s seen as a place where scammers can find easy targets.
  • Avoid walking alone in dark areas for obvious reasons.
  • If you run into any trouble and see the Garda (police), go up and ask for help. To contact them, call either (999) or (112).

Is Dublin Expensive?

is dublin worth visiting
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One of the downsides to visiting Dublin is how expensive it is. If you’re somebody who’s visiting the capital from, say, eastern Europe, you’ll be shocked by the prices. Even travellers who visit from the United Kingdom find it expensive. Prices are quite similar to London.

Now, that’s not to say you can’t get by on a budget, of course. Those who aren’t picky about their accommodations, are willing to forego sit-down meals, and are able to suffer without some big-ticket attractions can get by quite easily in Dublin.

See below for some potential budgets that you can stick by when in Dublin.

Traveller Budgets

Budget Traveller Per Day (55 euros – 80 euros)

  • Accommodation: 30 – 40 euros per night (Hostel)
  • Food: 10 euros (Bought in the shop and cooked at the accommodation)
  • Activities: 10 – 20 euros
  • Transport: 5 – 10 euros

Mid Ranged Traveller Per Day(100 euros – 140 euros)

  • Accommodation: 50 – 60 euros per night (B&B or Hostel)
  • Food: 20 – 25 euros (Budget-friendly eateries)
  • Activities: 20 – 40 euros
  • Transport: 10 – 15 euros

Luxury Budget Per Day (280 euro +)

  • Accommodation: 150 euros + per night (Hotel)
  • Food: 50 euros +
  • Activities: 50 euros +
  • Transport: 30 euros +

What To See And Do In Dublin

is dublin worth visiting
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When it comes to what to see in Dublin, you’re spoiled for choice. From high-cost activities to free experiences, Dublin is a county where you’ll never be bored. 

See our breakdown of the best things to do in the area.

Best Outdoor Activities

Best Indoor Activities 

Best Experiences

Best Landmarks

What To Avoid In Dublin

is dublin worth visiting
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When talking about a place, we can’t be biased and say everything is great. There are certain things to do that we would recommend you avoid when visiting Dublin.

  • Buying something in Temple Bar. It’s an absolute rip off. You can get anything you buy there for half the price around the corner.
  • Don’t spend much time around O’Connell Street. There’s nothing to do on that road.
  • Resist taking a taxi. They’re a rip-off. Ridesharing apps are sadly not a thing either, so the best thing you can take is public transport.

Best Areas To Stay In Dublin

is dublin worth visiting
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When you travel to Dublin, you’re going to need a good location to stay in so you’ll be close to all of the action.

Best Areas To Stay In Dublin City Centre

  • The Docklands
  • St.Stephen’s Green
  • Merrion Square
  • Camden Street

Best Areas To Stay Just Outside Of The City Centre

  • Phibsborough 
  • Portobello
  • Stoneybatter

Dublin’s Best Suburbs To Stay In

  • Malahide 
  • Portmarnock 
  • Howth 
  • Dún Laoghaire

Where To Stay When You’re In Dublin

is dublin worth visiting
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Choosing where to stay when you’re in Dublin can be hard, especially when there are so much brilliant accommodation options available.

Here are our recommendations you should look at when booking a place to stay.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Dublin

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After giving you a little breakdown of everything you need to know before deciding whether you should visit Dublin or not, now we’re going to give you five reasons why you should. Let’s go.

  • Great people: Dublin has some of the most warm-hearted people that you’ll ever meet. Welcoming and always willing to help, what more would you want when you’re a tourist in a new city?
  • History: When you look back on Ireland’s past and the struggles that the country had for many years, Dublin was one of the most significant cities. Every corner you turn is a chance to learn something new about Irish history.
  • Libraries: You can find some of the coolest libraries in Dublin. There’s an abundance of places where you can set up shop, relax, and read the next book you have your eyes on.
  • The outdoors: Outside of Dublin city centre, the great outdoors is calling, whether it’s hiking through the rugged Dublin mountains or sailing through the choppy waves off the coast.
  • Bar scene: You can find a traditional Irish bar wherever you go in Ireland, but there’s something special about the ones in Dublin. And boy oh boy, are there a lot of them. Visitors are spoiled for choice, and I can bet you won’t be in just one.

Travel Tips For Visiting Dublin

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If you’ve gotten this far in the post, you probably know now if Dublin is worth visiting for tourists or not. Here are some tips that you can use to your advantage when you travel to Dublin.

  • Get the Dublin Pass: Those of you looking to save a few euros may be interested in the Dublin Pass. It’s an unlimited access pass that gives consumers the chance to visit multiple attractions throughout Dublin for a set fee. For more information, you can check out our very own post we wrote about it here.
  • Try to get your hands on the DoDublin Freedom Ticket: If you’re thinking of taking a whole lot of public transport and want a tour or two thrown into the mix, consider purchasing DoDublin’s Freedom Ticket.
  • Purchase Accommodation ASAP: This is no word of a lie. Accommodation in Dublin sells out fast, regardless of whether you are staying in a hostel or a five-star hotel. As soon as you know when you’re going to be travelling to Dublin, book that room. Most people who come to Dublin use when choosing where to stay.
  • Adapters: Ireland uses the G socket, which is the same as the UK, but the majority of other countries don’t use it. Find out more information about adapters in Ireland here.
  • Bring your rain jacket: Summer or winter, you need to bring your rain jacket. It doesn’t matter when it is or what weather is predicted for the day, you always have to be prepared.
  • Slow down: As stated before, Dublin isn’t that big of a city, but there’s a lot to do. If you start to rush, you’re not going to enjoy yourself.

Useful Resources For Anybody Visiting Dublin

  • Omio: The best tool to book public transport in Dublin.
  • Kiwi : The best tool for booking flights to Dublin.
  • Visit Dublin: The Tourist Office of Dublin, where visitors can find important information.
  • Transport for Ireland: A website with all of the information you need for using public transport.
  • Eventbrite: Discover popular events in the area.
  • OpenTable: It shows you availability in restaurants across the city.
  • How to get from Dublin Airport to the city centre: One of our recent posts shows you the easiest ways to get into the city from the airport.
  • Dublin Bikes: It allows you to pick up a bike at the side of the road for hire.

So, Is Dublin Really Worth Visiting?

Yes, Dublin is definitely worth visiting for tourists. Yeah, it’s expensive and the weather can be a little poor sometimes, but if you’re willing to put that aside, you’re in for an experience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Europe. 

Go on, book that trip; the crack is waiting.

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