7 Must-Try Food Tours In Dublin

food tours in dublin
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Did you know Dublin has a fascinating culinary scene waiting to be discovered? From delicious pub grub to tasty street food, if you’re a foodie, you’re in for a treat.

The best way to dive deep into Dublin’s food scene is by taking a tour with a local who knows what to eat and where to eat. Yeah, you might have heard about a couple of traditional Irish dishes online. But when you have somebody who knows the best restaurants and eateries, you’re in for a whole different dining experience.

Follow this post as we show you the best food tours in Dublin so that you can sample the tastiest Irish dishes.

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food tours in dublin

The Irish Food Trail Tour

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Try out all of what the Irish cuisine has to offer on the three-hour Irish Food Trail Tour. Visit authentic pubs and top restaurants in Dublin city centre with an experienced tour guide well versed in the Irish foodie scene. Hear the secrets of the capital’s food culture while scouting out unusual places to eat.

The excursion begins at the gorgeous Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. Once all participants have arrived, you’ll venture deep into the city to try the best of Dublin’s must-eat dishes. There will be a stop at a bar or two where you can try out some complimentary craft beers. That’s nothing to complain about, right?

This walking food tour in Dublin has space for up to 18 people, so you can still have a personalized experience.

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Delicious Dublin Food Tour

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Are you feeling hungry? Join the Delicious Dublin food tour that takes participants off the popular touristy trail to try out an array of dishes from the Irish cuisine, all of which are included in the price. You’ll be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide passionate about food and knows everything about eating in the capital. Get introduced to the history of Irish food and discover how it has evolved.

This three-hour tour lasts for around three hours and involves three kilometres of walking, so wear comfortable shoes during the day.

The dishes you’ll eat will consist of gluten, dairy, alcohol, fish, etc. Sometimes, there’s no alternative. If you have any dietary requirements, let the tour company know beforehand so they can try to arrange for you to have something different.

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Food On Foot – Dublin Walking Food Tour

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Eat your way around Dublin while hearing about the city’s history on this three-hour walking food tour. As you much and walk, your friendly guide brings you to see some authentic sights to learn about what the capital has experienced over the years. Wander through local areas and see how residents go about their daily lives. Check out unique eateries and boutique street food stalls with a group of up to 30 people. Mingling is highly encouraged. You’ll join the excursion as strangers and leave as family.

The Food on Foot tour is pretty cheap, but you’ll have to bring extra cash for your dishes. It’s not like some experiences where you’re forced to buy stuff. You eat and spend whatever you want.

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Walking Tasting Tour Of Dublin With Secret Food Tours

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Find out how the Dubs eat on this three-and-a-half-hour food tour provided by Secret Food Tours. Go on the hunt for cafes and restaurants filled with character. Indulge in some classic old Irish dishes like a scrumptious full breakfast with some traditional homemade Irish soda bread and artisanal cheeses, and complement them with an Irish coffee or some cream liqueur. While you walk from venue to venue, you’ll be able to spot well-known attractions like Trinity College and the Guinness Storehouse, so you’re getting a bit of a walking tour too.

Strictly for 12 participants, this tour company likes to keep the groups small, giving you a full and informative experience with your guide.

On the day of the activity, a secret dish will be provided to each person. Hmm, what could it be? You have to wait and see.

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Downtown Dublin And Temple Bar Doughnut Tour

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Desert anyone? Exploring is always fun, but doing so with some doughnuts makes it a whole lot more enjoyable. Stop by four establishments to sample some of the tastiest doughnuts in Dublin. Savour all of your favourites on the city’s only food tour that’s all about doughnuts. Of course, you’ll get to see some landmarks and hear interesting stories along the way too.

The four doughnut stores you’ll visit include The Rolling Donut (meeting point), SweetChurro.ie (yes, you’ll get to try some churros), The Hot Donut, and saving the best until last Offbeat Donut Co (endpoint).

This is a morning tour, so you’ll have doughnuts for breakfast, but at least you’ll have the rest of the day to walk them off.

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The Ten Tastings Of Dublin With Locals Private Food Tour

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Are you wondering what the best food and drink is in Dublin? Well, look no further because the Ten Tastings private food tour is here to answer that question.

Join this three-hour fast-paced tour and try a mix of Irish and international cuisines, most of which you’ll probably have never heard of but won’t forget after it’s over. Enjoy ten food and drink tastings, six foods, and four drinks. By the end, your tour guide will have to roll you down back to your hotel.

Be sure to bring your camera because there’s a lot of sightseeing involved too. Envision yourself strolling past the frequently visited Molly Malone statue while licking a scoop of fresh ice cream.

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Meet And Eat Food Walking Tour In Dublin

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Would you like to know where to eat in Dublin? Sign up for the two-and-a-half-hour Meet and Eat Food Walking Tour. Pop your head into local cheesemongers for a slice or two, experience a chicken fillet roll from a deli for the first time, and enjoy some fresh pastries at some of the city’s most famous bakeries. The tour itinerary is constantly changing, but no matter where you end up, you’re in for a solid feed.

Solo travellers have rated this very highly, so if you’re visiting Dublin on your own, take note.

Make sure you don’t eat too much before this tour, as there are five to six food tastings and one to two drinking tastings. For the price you’re paying, it’s an absolute bargain.

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People go on food tours in Dublin to see first-hand just how good the capital’s foodie game really is. All over the city, you’ll find an abundance of operators looking to take you out for your next bite. We haven’t mentioned every single one of them, but we sure have provided you with a few that will fill your bellies.

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