Everything You Need To Know About Dublin’s Hellfire Club Walk

hellfire club walk dublin
Photo Provided By PaulODonnell – “The Hellfire Club, Dublin” – Edited – Marked With CC BY 2.0.

Located in the heart of the Dublin Mountains, Montpelier Hill is home to the mysterious Hellfire Club Walk, which is rumoured to be an area where spirits from the past tend to congregate.

Although the area is considered spooky by some, it’s still a lovely place for an evening stroll and is considered one of the best walks in Dublin. There are a couple of trails which ultimately lead to the uncanny abandoned house, where visitors can explore and take in a superb panoramic view.

In this post, we’re going to give you everything you need to know about Dublin’s Hellfire Club Walk before you tie your laces and head to the mountains. Locations will be explained, routes will be analysed, and ghost stories will be told.

It’s time for an unearthly experience.

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Where Is Dublin’s Hellfire Club Located?

The Hellfire Club overlooks the whole of Dublin from the top of Montpelier Hill, which is part of the Dublin Mountains range. It’s less than a 15-minute drive from the suburb of Tallaght. 

What’s The Dublin Hellfire Club’s History?

hellfire club walk dublin
Photo Provided By hirodusk – “Hellfire Club” – Not Edited – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

Right, so Dublin’s Hellfire Club is seen as haunted, but where did this come from? What’s the history/story behind it? Let’s get into it.

Many, many years ago, in the year 1725, one of Dublin’s richest men, William Speaker Conolly, at the time, decided to build a hunting lodge on top of Montpelier Hill. There was an old cairn built there before, but he destroyed it, which could have had a part to play with the paranormal activity that’s said to be around the area. One night, after he had settled in, a storm came along and wiped the roof clean off the hunting lodge in a ruthless fashion. Many believed that it was the spirits seeking revenge after Conolly had destroyed the cairn.

Conolly passed away in 1729, and the building was left basically abandoned for a couple of years until the notorious Hellfire Club swooped in and took over. They were a seedy group of men known for their murky behaviour who were seen as admirers of the devil. 

There have been a couple of shady myths about Dublin’s Hellfire Club and what they got up to, but one that stands out has to be when a young farmer ventured up to the club on Montpelier Hill after a sense of curiosity came over him. He got wind of what was going on up there and wanted to see for himself, and boy would he regret it. The club invited him in to experience what it was they did, and the next morning, he was found wandering around the grounds, not able to say a word. There had been rumours that the man had become deaf and dumb. A frightening story, to say the least.

How To Get To The Hellfire Club

hellfire club walk dublin
Photo Provided By InformationAgentSAM_3315” – Edited – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

The Hellfire Club is located between 35 – 45 minutes from Dublin city centre, depending on what time of the day it is (because of traffic).

If you have a car, you’re one of the lucky ones, as driving is the easiest way to get to the Hellfire Club. You can park at the entrance of the trail. We’ll speak about the car parking situation further down the post.

Some people don’t have the luxury of having a car, but not to worry. There is some form of public transport that will get you a certain amount of the way, and then you’ll have to walk. The 15 bus that stops at multiple stops in the city centre ends in Knocklyon at Ballycullen Road. From the bus stop, it takes about 50 minutes to walk to the Hellfire Club car park. It’s a little rough, but definitely worth it once you get there.

Another option that’s highly overlooked is renting a bike in the city centre and cycling. It takes an hour to get there, which isn’t so bad. But bear in mind, there is a massive hill up to the carpark, so you’d want to be somewhat fit.

Here is the Hellfire Club’s address – The Hell Fire Club, Montpelier, Co. Dublin –

Does The Hellfire Club Have A Carpark?

hellfire club walk dublin
Photo Provided By Frank Roddy

Those looking to drive to the Hellfire Club have the option to park at the site carpark, which is at the bottom of Montpelier Hill. It’s important to take note of the car park’s open hours because once it’s closing time, the gates will close and your car will be stuck there until the following day unless you pay a fine.

Hellfire Club Car Park Opening Hours

November to March07:00 am – 17:00 pm
April to October07:00 am – 21:00 pm

If you’re thinking of making a spooky trip up to the Hellfire Club when it gets dark, you’re better off parking outside the entrance of the trail at the side of the road so your car doesn’t get locked away after closing time.

How To Get To The Top Of Montpelier Hill

Getting to the top of Montpelier Hill to see the Hellfire Club is a piece of cake.

The two main trails that visitors can take are the Hellfire Forest Loop and the Montpelier Loop.

Those looking for a shorter route should take the Montpelier Loop as it’s only 4km in total, whereas the Hellfire Forest Loop is 5.5km and a little more intense.

Each route up to Dublin’s Hellfire Club is well paved. There are some directions signs at the bottom of Montpelier Hill which will give you an idea of which way to go and what route to take. If you’d like to have a map for yourself, you can get one through this link.

Hellfire Club Directions

Everybody starts their walk in the Hellfire Club car park. From there, you’re going to follow the path for about 15 minutes after you’ve gone through the entrance gate.

Route 1 – Montpelier Loop (Short)

hellfire club walk dublin
Some Of The Forest Area You’ll Walk Through On This Route – Photo Provided By Phototoursie –

After walking for 15 minutes, you’ll then come to a kind of fork in the path, where you can choose to go left or right. You’re going to take the right.

Walk for roughly 5 – 10 minutes, you’ll come to an area where you can either go straight or left. Take the left because if you go straight, you’re going to end up on the other side of the hill on the longer trail.

The pathway is quite steep, but you’ll be at the top of the hill in 10 minutes. Be careful and take your time, especially if the weather is bad, as it can get slippy. 

Once you’re near the top, the trail should even out and the Hellfire Club should be in sight. 

If you want to complete the whole loop, keep following directly behind the Hellfire Club and follow the trail until you come to a left turn and follow that. You’ll eventually end up in the carpark.

Route 2 – Forest Loop (Long)

Those looking for a long walk to the Hellfire Club are going to stick to the left side when they come to the fork in the road instead of going straight.

You’ll then follow the trail all the way up the hill and then back down the other side. It’s going to take you about 30 – 40 minutes in total to complete.

Once you’ve ended up on the other side of the hill, keep following the trail until you come to the 4th right turn. Make sure you count your right turns as soon as you begin going down the other side of the hill.

After you’ve taken the right turn, you’ll have a little climbing to do, which should only take about 5 minutes, and then you’ll come to the Hellfire Club.

To finish the loop, go back down the little incline you came up and follow it straight on until you come back to the first fork in the path that you came to at the beginning of your walk. All you have to do then is follow on back down to the carpark.

Best Things To Do At The Hellfire Club

hellfire club walk dublin
Photo Provided By Para_researchersirl

– Soak up the amazing panoramic views: As soon as you get to the top of Montpelier Hill, you’ll be blown away by the view of the whole of Dublin. No words can describe how wonderful it is. You have to see it for yourself.

– Test yourself inside the Hellfire Club (if you’re brave enough): Going inside the actual building of the Irish Hellfire Club is a terrifying experience. After reading the history and stories behind the club, it makes the eeriness of it ten times worse. Every reluctant turn you take, you’re expecting a spirit to rise. There are two stories in total. Are you brave enough to make your way to the top?

– Get lost on the trails: Want to shake things up a little? On your way back, check out some of the more hidden trails. There are quite a few of them that will lead you into some mysterious parts of the forest. Who knows where you might end up.

Enjoy a sunset: Montpelier Hill is one of the best places to catch a sunset in the whole of Dublin. Seeing the sun go down over the capital is an ideal way to end a summer day.

Fun Things To Do Nearby The Hellfire Club

hellfire club walk dublin
Cruagh Woods – Photo Provided By Rob Hurson – “Cruagh Road, Dublin” – Not Edited -Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

– Cruagh Woods: Just 5 minutes from the Hellfire Club is the Cruagh Woods. It’s another popular walking area embedded in the Dublin mountains. The woods are a popular place for locals to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dublin’s suburbs.

– Ticknock to Tibradden Wood trail: Known as one of the best walks in Dublin, the Ticknock to Tibradden Wood trail offers walkers some amazing views of Dublin while they get their daily steps. What makes it better is that the entrance to the trail is only a ten-minute drive from the Hellfire Club.

Carthy’s Castle Ruins – Sitting on the slopes of Montpelier Hill and only a ten-minute spin from where you’ll be is Carthy’s Castle Ruins, which is the remains of an old hunting lodge. It’s a cool little spot to explore if you have time after your walk up to the Hellfire Club.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Hellfire Club

Is The Hellfire Club Free To Enter?

The Hellfire Club is absolutely free to enter. You don’t need to pay for parking or to get inside the building itself. It’s a budget-friendly activity.

Can You Take A Tour Of The Hellfire Club?

Yes, there is a tour of the Hellfire Club you can take. You can find more information about it here.

Is The Hellfire Club Safe?

The Hellfire Club is 100% safe. Just take the same precautions as you would when hiking anywhere else in Dublin. If you are thinking of heading up to the Hellfire Club at night, I’d advise you to bring a torch as it can be really hard to see where you’re going, especially through the forest.

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