The Dublin City Pass: Should You Purchase One? (2022)

dublin city pass
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Planning to do some sightseeing in Dublin soon? If so, you need to buy the Dublin Pass. 

Whether you like them or not, a city pass can sometimes be an absolute game-changer if you get the right one. Sometimes you might think to yourself, “Another travel pass. These bloody passes are a money scheme. ” Most of us get like that when we’re in a new city. But, that’s why I’m here to clear that up for you.

In this post, we’re going to break down whether or not you should purchase a Dublin City Pass and if it’s really worth it. Along the way, we’ll get into which attractions are included, how much it costs, and everything else you need to know about it.

Let’s get started.

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What’s The Dublin Pass?

dublin city pass
Photo Provided By Oliver Frsh – Unsplash

The Dublin Pass offers visitors an all-inclusive pass that gives them free admission to some of the top tourist attractions around Dublin, including the likes of the Guinness Storehouse and Dublin Zoo.

From day one, the main aim of the Dublin Pass was to give visitors the chance to experience the real culture of Dublin by creating a discount entry card that gives free entry to the city’s most popular sightseeing highlights along with a way to save money.

Once you purchase the pass, you’ll be sent an email that will contain the passes that you can download. It’s a simple process. Originally, you were given a physical pass, but they’ve scrapped that and gone in the technology direction.

What Dublin Attractions Are Included In The Pass?

Malahide Castle (Available With The Dublin Pass) – Photo Provided By Barbara McDermott – Unsplash

In total, there are 36 attractions included with the Dublin sightseeing pass. That’s a hell of a lot of drawing power if you ask me. Think what that would cost you if you went to each one individually. Some of them are the most popular attractions in Dublin, like the Guinness Storehouse, while others are day trips that not as many tend to make.

Below, you can find every sight that you have admittance to if you buy a Dublin Pass. Please note: some of the places on this list may be temporarily unavailable to enter for a number of reasons, so it’s always important to research before you show up.

List Of Activities In Dublin Included With The Pass

If you ask me, that’s a tonne of activities that you can avail of on your days in Dublin. Always do some research to see if the attraction is open before you show up. You don’t want to be left disappointed.

What Kind Of Dublin Passes Are Available To Purchase?

dublin city pass
National Botanic Gardens (Available With The Dublin Pass) – Photo Provided By Hylla_De_Cemanis – Pixabay

There are five types of Dublin Passes that you can purchase. The only difference between each pass is the number of days it’s valid for. Don’t be worried about missing out on special perks if you decide to go with the cheaper option; there are no hidden bonuses. 

You can purchase the Dublin tourist pass for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, or 5 days. Choosing which option suits you will depend on what you want to see and how much time you have.

How Much Does The Dublin Pass Cost?

dublin city pass
Photo Provided By Fabrício Severo – Unsplash

The price of the Dublin pass will all depend on the number of consecutive days purchased. Each pass is different because you have access to more activities if you want to use it for longer.

Prices for the Go Dublin City Pass are listed below.

1 Day PassAdults – 70 EurosKids (5-13) – 37 Euros
2 Day PassAdults – 86 EurosKids (5-13) – 49 Euros
3 Day PassAdults – 99 EurosKids (5-13) – 58 Euros
4 Day PassAdults – 109 EurosKids (5-13) – 64 Euros
5 Day PassAdults – 115 EurosKids (5-13) – 67 Euros

Be sure to check the prices on the GO Dublin Pass website to see if they’ve changed. Sometimes they can, depending on the time of year.

Where Can You Buy A Dublin Pass?

dublin city pass
Jeanie Johnston (Available With The Dublin Pass) – Photo Provided By Jordan Harrison – Unsplash

You can only purchase your Dublin Pass online. It cannot be purchased in a shop, so don’t go legging it around the city centre trying to find one.

There are two websites that sell the Dublin Freedom Pass: GO City Dublin Pass and Get Your Guide. First, you’ll have to log on to either of the two and purchase the pass. After that, you’ll receive an email with a link where you can download your digital pass. Your pass will then be activated with the first attraction that you decide to do.

If you’re not into the whole tech thing, you can print off a copy and start using the Dublin Pass straight away. It will still work. Previously, the Dublin Passes were given in card form and branded a bit differently, but they’re not around anymore.

How Do You Activate The Pass And Use It?

Learning to use the pass is easy. Let’s break it down.

Choose your ticket and purchase it.

• Receive the email with your link and download the pass to the Go City app.

• Head to the attractions you want to see on your itinerary.

• Show them the pass and get it scanned. It will be activated with your first attraction.

• Enjoy the popular attractions.

Does It Include Transport?

Sadly, the Dublin Pass doesn’t include any form of public transportation, but it does include a hop-on hop-off bus tour operated by the Dublin Big Bus Tour company, which allows you to hop on and hop off as many times as you wish throughout the city. That’s something, at least.

What Attractions Do You Have to Make A Reservation For?

The Guinness Storehouse (Available With The Dublin Pass) – Photo Provided By Andrew Meßner – Unsplash

Most of the tourist sites that are included with Dublin’s Pass don’t require any reservations, but there are some exceptions that you should be aware of. Don’t be put off by this; you won’t be asked to pay extra fees. All you have to do is log on to the attractions’ websites and make a reservation well in advance. You can make reservations before you activate your pass.

A list of the several attractions included in the Dublin Pass that require reservations is below.

Castletown House

Guinness Storehouse

• Lazy Bike Tours

• Walking Food Tours – Food On Foot

How Much Can You Save With The Dublin Pass

How much somebody saves with the Dublin Pass is entirely dependent on the individual, how many attractions a day they want to do, how much time they have and not to forget the number of expensive attractions they decide to see. Everybody is different. One person could be able to do five activities a day, whereas another could only be able to do three. Let’s look at some examples of how much you can save.

Day 1Day 2Day 3
Guinness Storehouse – 22 euros
• Epic Museum – 16.50 euros
• Saint Patricks Cathedral – 7.50 euros
• Dublin Hop On Hop Off – 27 euros
• National Wax Museum – 15.67 euros
• Jameson Bow St. Experience – 25 euros
Dublinia – 15 euros
Little Museum Of Dublin – 8 euros
• Jeanie Johnston – 12 euros
• Christ Church Cathedral – 10 euros
Teeling Whiskey Distillery – 17 euros
• GPO Museum – 15 euros
• Dublin Zoo – 18.25 euros
• Irish Rock And Roll Museum – 15.67 euros
• Croke Park Stadium Tour – 10 euros
• Total Cost Without The Dublin Pass – 88.67 euros• Total Cost Without The Dublin Pass – 70 euros• Total Cost Without The Dublin Pass – 75.92 euros
• Cost Of The Dublin Pass For One Day – 70 euros• Cost Of The Dublin Pass For Two Days – 86 euros• Cost Of The Dublin Pass For Three Days – 99 euros
• Total Savings For Your First Day – 18.67 euros• Total Savings For Your Second Day – 54 euros• Total Savings For Your Third Day – 62.92 euros

What we can gather from this is that there are obviously some savings to be made if you opt for the multiple-day passes. It would be quite difficult for you to do five attractions each day for three straight days, but even if you were to do less than five, you’d still save a decent amount of money.

If you wanted the pass for one day and you were sure that you’d be able to hit five attractions in a day, you’d still save a little bit of money.

The people who will save big time with the Dublin freedom ticket are the ones who are opting for the multiple-day passes when on a tour of Dublin.

Does The Pass Include An Airport Transfer?

There are no airport transfers included with the pass. See our post on Dublin Airport transport here for more information regarding the subject.

What Are Purse Values?

St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Available With The Dublin Pass) – Photo Provided By Jaime Casap – Unsplash

Every all-inclusive Dublin pass has this little thing called a purse value. 

A purse value is another word for a spending limit. Each day pass will have its own purse value that you will not be able to go over. Every time you get your pass scanned at an attraction, it will be saved on a log. Once the limit is hit, the pass will be unusable until the following day.

But, isn’t it an all-inclusive pass? Yes, it is, but there is a certain limit that you cannot go over. To be fair, the purse values set for each day are reasonable. It would be difficult to hit the limit.

See below for each day’s purse value.

1 Day PassAdult – 135 eurosChild – 90 euros
2 Day PassAdult – 200 eurosChild – 135 euros
3 Day PassAdult – 260 eurosChild – 170 euros
4 Day PassAdult – 315 eurosChild – 200 euros
5 Day PassAdult – 365 eurosChild – 225 euros
6 Day PassAdult – 405 eurosChild – 250 euros

What You Should Know Before Purchasing The Dublin Pass

  • Keep An Eye On Opening Hours: Since Covid-19 came along, the opening hours of a lot of companies have changed and will continue to change. Be sure to research the opening times of the activities you’re attending so you aren’t left disappointed when you visit Dublin.
  • Upgrades Aren’t A Thing: There are no upgrade deals or offers when you get a city pass for Dublin. The prices you see online on their website are the only prices you can get anywhere. Fast track entry isn’t offered either. You’ll have to spend time standing in line like everybody else, unfortunately.
dublin city pass
Croke Park Stadium Tour (Available With The Dublin Pass) – Photo Provided By Jmauremootoo – Pixabay
  • No Discounts For Seniors: The creators of the Dublin Pass claim that they’re already offering customers great savings, so there’s no discount for senior citizens.
  • 1 Pass For 1 Person: Other people aren’t allowed to use your Dublin Pass. You’re not permitted to resell the pass or give another person the pass to enter an attraction. Moochers, beware.
  • Refunds Are Given: The Go Dublin Pass has a 90-day refund policy from your purchase date as long as the pass hasn’t been activated. After 90 days, you won’t be given a refund. If plans change, get in touch with the company as soon as possible.
  • Dublin Pass Hours: You can use your pass at any time as long as the attraction you’re visiting is open. Each pass will be valid for a 24-hour period, and it expires after 24 hours of activation.

Is The Dublin Pass Worth It?

After our Dublin Pass review, you should have a good idea of where your head is at when it comes to the Dublin Pass. Still, confused and need a second opinion? Not to worry.

Overall, we think the Dublin Pass is a worthwhile investment if you’re planning on seeing a decent number of attractions, especially if you’re getting the pass for more than a day.

It’s easy to see if it’s worth the while or not. If you count the number of sights you want to see and the days you want to go, add up the prices of each one if you were to go without the pass and then compare it to the price of the pass. There’s your answer. 

We hope this has helped and put your mind at ease. Be sure to see the Dublin Pass website for everything you need to know, and for reviews, you can see their section on Trustpilot.

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