Does It Snow In Dublin?

does it snow in dublin
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Good old snow. It’s a sign that Christmas is coming and fills everybody with excitement, even if it means it’s going to be cold as hell. Each city in Europe has its own unique relationship with snow based on when it falls and how frequently it comes. Dublin is one of them.

The Irish capital is usually known for its cold weather and a hell of a lot of rain, but the question is, “Does it snow in Dublin?” Well, we are here to give you the exact answer along with a full breakdown to prepare you.

Let’s begin!

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does it snow in dublin

Does It Snow In Dublin? The Short Answer:

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Dublin isn’t on the scale of other European cities for snow, like Oslo, but that’s not to say it never snows here. We might see an odd bit of snow here or there during the winter season, but by and large, it’s more likely to be snow free.

What’s The Climate Of Dublin, Ireland Like?

Photo Provided By Pietro Tebaldi – Unsplash

If you look at the country of Ireland as a whole on the world map, you’ll notice that the west of the country is situated beside the Atlantic Ocean, which dictates a lot of the country’s weather, including Dublin’s, even though it’s at the east of the island. Because of the Atlantic Ocean’s influence, it causes Ireland has a mild, temperate oceanic climate. Not all, but some mild oceanic climates usually experience snowfall at least once a year.

For most of the year, Dublin is cold but not cold enough for it to snow. The average weather temperatures from January to December range between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius. That being said, in the months of December, January, and February, there are some days when the temperatures fall to 0 degrees or below. This is when there’s a chance of snow in Dublin and all over Ireland. When Dubliners see temperatures drop like this, they expect snow because it does happen, but not that often.

So it sometimes snows in Dublin and all over Ireland.

When Does It Snow In Dublin, Ireland?

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It snows in Dublin most commonly in the winter months of December, January, February, and sometimes even March. You see, Dublin gets cold winters, so these months are the ones that are prone to it.

How Frequent Is Snowfall In Dublin, Ireland?

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One year it might not snow at all in Dublin, but in another, it might snow for a week straight. The country of Ireland is unpredictable at the best of times. In an average year (when we are expecting snowfall), an annual count would be between 5 and 15 days per year, which isn’t a whole pile in the grand scheme of things.

At What Temperature Does It Usually Snow In Dublin, Ireland?

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Since it usually snows during the winter season or its shoulder months, the temperatures must be low. The average winter temperatures in the country are between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius. When I say low, I mean it has to be around 0 degrees Celsius or colder. Now, having said that, it only has to be at that temperature for it to stick, but it can still technically fall in the form of sleet at a higher temperature.

How Much Snow Falls When It Does Snow In Dublin, Ireland?

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When it snows in Dublin, the average amount is between 1 cm and 3 cm. Of course, it can go over that if it’s a bad dose and has before. Let’s just say that’s what the Irish are used to.

When It Snows, Will It Stick?

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “Dublin – The Big Snow Continues” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Depending on the temperature, the snow will stick. Unless it comes with rain, which will then prevent it from sticking to the surface. Sleet is more common in Ireland than snow because it’s always bloody raining. Sometimes we are happy to see it stick for a change.

Is There A Chance Of Snow In Dublin, Ireland At Christmas?

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We have had Christmases before when there has been snow in Dublin. We’ll more likely see an odd snowfall, but it won’t actually stick to the ground. The most recent year where it was a proper white Christmas was 2010. Since then, we haven’t seen anything else to brag about.

Will It Snow In Dublin This Year?

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There’s no real way we can predict if it will snow this year in Dublin in 2022, but with global warming and all that, never say never. Who knows, I might go outside today and see some of the magical white dust. Stranger things have happened.

Questions About Snow In All Of Ireland

Where Does It Snow In Ireland?

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “Dublin – The Big Snow Continues So Don’t Forget To Feed The Birds” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Everywhere in Ireland experiences snow at some stage. Naturally, places at a higher altitude will experience more snow than the lower lying areas. For example, the Dublin Mountains may receive a bit of snow when there’s not an inch of it present in the city.

Here’s a list of the snowiest places in Ireland.

  • The Wicklow Mountains
  • Mullingar (Known as the coldest place in Ireland)
  • Malin Head
  • Parts of Donegal
  • Clones

Does Ireland Get Snowstorms?

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It’s pretty rare that Ireland ever gets a snowstorm. Unfortunately, because the country isn’t really used to snow when snowfall is heavy, the country tends to panic a little because we aren’t prepared. In 2009, the island experienced one of its coldest winters in decades, putting the country almost at a standstill. Children couldn’t go to school; people’s pipes in their homes were freezing, and some cars weren’t able to be driven on the road. Total carnage.

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