DoDublin Freedom Ticket: Is It Worth Purchasing?

dodublin freedom ticket
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The DoDublin 72 Hour Freedom Ticket has been getting A LOT of attention lately, and for good reason. Unlimited public transport for a set price in one of Europe’s most expensive cities; what more could you want?

Let’s face it: making your way around Dublin won’t be cheap, especially if you’re spending a whole day on transport. Your funds will be low in no time. But that’s where the DoDublin Pass comes into play.

In this post, we’re going to give you a full rundown of the DoDublin Freedom Pass. We’ll fill you in on everything you need to know before you think about purchasing one, including what you get, how much you can save, who should and shouldn’t invest, and a ton of other important bits of information that you should know.

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The Dublin City Pass: Should You Purchase One?

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dodublin freedom ticket

What Is The DoDublin Freedom Ticket?

The DoDublin Travel Card gives visitors unlimited access to Dublin’s large-scale transport network, whether you want to take the bus around the city or travel anywhere on the train. Along with that, you’ll also receive a free ride on one of the company’s hop-on, hop-off tour buses that bring you to Dublin’s famous sights.

It’s a pass designed for visitors who plan to use a lot of the city’s public transport system on their visit.

What’s Included With The Ticket?

dodublin freedom ticket
Use Of Dublin’s Luas Tram Is Included With The DoDublin Freedom Ticket – Photo Provided By Fabricio Severo – Unsplash

You get unlimited access to Dublin’s transport network. It’s a 72 hour travel card with some add-ons. But, what exactly can you use with the Pass? Let’s fill you in on what you get if you redeem the pass.

The pass includes:

  • 72 hours of access to the Dublin Bus Network – This includes city buses that go directly to and from Dublin Airport. These routes are the 41+16
  • 72 hours of access to the Luas which is Dublin’s tram network
  • 72 hours of access to the DART and commuter trains in the Dublin area
  • 72 hours of access to the Go-Ahead public buses of Dublin
  • 48 hours of access to the DoDubin’s Hop On Hop Off Tour

Wow, That All Sounds Great, But How Much Does It Cost?

dodublin freedom ticket

There’s a one-set fee of 45 euros. Once you pay that fee, you’ll have access to all the forms of transport listed above.

45 euros for unlimited transport around the city is a bargain. If you know Dublin, you’ll know that using transport isn’t cheap.

Be aware, prices can change at short notice.

What’s The Hop On Hop Off Tour?

dodublin freedom ticket
Photo Provided By Guillem Ruiz – Unsplash

The DoDublin Freedom Ticket 3-day travel card gives you free transport and 48 hours of access to the DoDublin Hop On Hop Off Tour, which is one of the most popular sightseeing bus tours in the city of Dublin. Aren’t you lucky?

The tour is strategically planned to drop visitors close to the top tourist attractions in Dublin. Some of the stops include Trinity College, The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo, and many, many more. It’s a great attraction for the likes of somebody who’s never visited the city before and would love to experience a bus trip.

On the bus, you’ll have running commentary from one of Fáilte Ireland’s drivers, who’ll know the city like the back of their hand.

If all of that wasn’t enough, visitors will also get free tickets for the Pat Liddy Walking Tour and the Little Museum of Dublin.

Note: kids under 15 go free with every adult ticket for the green bus tour, so don’t be afraid to bring your little nippers along.

Where Can You Buy Do Dublin Freedom Ticket?

dodublin freedom ticket
Dublin’s Transport In Full Swing – Photo Provided By Carina Chen – Pixabay

You can only purchase the ticket from DoDublin’s website or the city centre desk. Once the ticket is purchased, it can be picked up at multiple locations, including:

  • Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1, Dublin Airport
  • Dublin Bus Head Office, Upper O’Connell Street
  • Day Tours and Trips Tickets Kiosk, St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre

The ticket will only work in printed form. Mobile copies will not work at any of the scanners. Talk about old-fashioned.

How Does It Work?

dodublin freedom ticket
Photo Provided By Ebun Oluwole – Unsplash

Your 72-hour period begins once you activate your ticket. To activate it, you must hold it up to the scanner, which is on every mode of transport that’s included with the freedom card. When you scan the ticket, you should hear a beep. That’s when you know your ticket has been activated.

For the Luas (tram), the scanner will be at each stop. All you have to do is scan before you get on, and you’re good to go. It’s a similar situation with the rail lines; just scan through the gates before you get to your platform.

How Much Money Can You Save?

dodublin freedom ticket
Dublin’s Railway – Photo Provided By Duy Thanh Nguyen – Unsplash

Three days of transport mustn’t cost that much, right? Sadly, in Dublin city it does. Between bus and coach fares, and train rides out to the coast, you’d be surprised at how much you’d actually spend.

Purchasing a Dublin transport pass will save somebody a lot of money if they’re planning on doing a lot of sightseeing. Some of the tourist attractions are quite a bit outside of the centre, so you’ll have to get public transport if you want to see them unless you’re planning on renting a car or getting a taxi.

See below for some examples of how much you can save.

dodublin freedom ticket
Transport In Dublin – Photo Provided By Nico Baum – Unsplash

1 Day Cost = Total: 17 euros

  • Bus Journey From Dublin Airport To The City Centre – 7 euros
  • Bus Journey From O’Connell Street To Dublin Zoo – 2 euros
  • Bus Journey From Dublin Zoo To Connolly Train Station – 1 euro
  • Train From Connolly Train Station To Dun Laoghaire – 3.50 euros
  • Train From Dun Laoghaire To Conolly Train Station – 3.50 euros

As you can see in the example above, it cost 17 euros for one day without the pass. If you were to spend that every day, it would cost 51 euros, and that’s before you add in the DoDublin Green Hop On Hop Off Tour, which costs 32 euros for a 48-hour adult pass, which you get. That’s some pretty damn good savings.

Having said that, if you’re planning on not using public transport that much and only using the bus to get from and to the airport, it wouldn’t be worth your while to purchase.

You’ll know your own needs as a visitor to a city. 

What You Should Know Before Purchasing The Ticket

dodublin freedom ticket
Photo Provided By Juho Luomala – Unsplash

Before you purchase the pass, there are some important bits of information you need to know, so let’s get into them.

  • The Main Focus Is Public Transport: The Freedom Card is an unlimited travel card that has been created so tourists can make their way around the city affordably. Don’t get it confused with the GoDublin City Sightseeing Pass, which gives you entry to some of the top tours and attractions in the city.
  • Discounts For Large Groups: If you’re visiting Dublin with a group that’s on the larger side, you may be entitled to a discount voucher. Be sure to contact DoDublin to see if they’ll knock off a few quid from your bill.
  • Refunds: Getting a refund from DoDublin will depend on each individual’s personal situation. Contact the company as soon as possible if you’ve changed your mind and want to cancel the pass. See their cancellation policy for more details.
  • It’s Possible Just To Take The Dublin Tourist Bus: Maybe you’re not interested in public transport, but want to take a ride on the green hop on hop off bus. That’s totally doable. Click here to book the DoDublin Bus Tour.
  • Senior Citizens And Students Get A Discount: Yes, you read that right. All senior citizens and students are entitled to a 10% discount. Make sure you bring some ID to prove it.

How To Get The Most Out Of Dublin Freedom Pass

dodublin freedom ticket
Photo Provided By Pierre Binet – Unsplash

Getting your money’s worth is important when purchasing anything. See below for some ways in which you can get the most out of the DoDublin ticket.

  • Get up early
  • Use transport where you can
  • Venture outside of the city
  • Take the coach tour around Dublin

Planning On Staying In Dublin Longer? Invest In A Leap Card

The Leap Card Visitor Card is what most tourists use to get around Dublin at ease. All you have to do is buy the physical card in a shop that sells them in the city and choose the plan you want. 

Find out more information about the Leap Visitor Card here.

So, Is It Really Worth Purchasing?

dodublin freedom ticket
The Luas At Night In Dublin City Centre – Photo Provided By Caterina Begliorgio – Unsplash

For the most part, we have to say the Dublin Freedom Pass is of great value. A lot of visitors will find the pass is worth the investment and a great way to get to see the capital, especially if they’re planning on exploring Dublin in depth.

Who Should Consider Purchasing The DoDublin Freedom Ticket?

  • People who plan on using a lot of transport
  • Families with kids
  • People who want to see a lot
  • Visitors who want a good bargain

Who Shouldn’t Consider Purchasing The DoDublin Freedom Ticket?

  • Somebody who just wants an airport transfer
  • Travellers who like exploring a city on foot
  • Visitors who aren’t mad on tourist attractions
  • Somebody who just wants to take the DoDublin Bus Tour

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