A Complete List Of 30 Date Ideas In Dublin

date ideas in dublin
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It’s date night in Dublin, and it’s your turn to choose where you head out. It sounds like a daunting task, right?

Trying to come up with a unique date idea that not many have thought of before is difficult, especially in a small city like Dublin. Word spreads fast. Thankfully, there are plenty of spots that only a few people know about, and we’re here to give them to you today so you can treat the person you love to something special. You’ll find everything you need on this list, from exciting day trips to tasty restaurants. Let’s jump in.

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Outdoor Date Spots In Dublin If The Weather Is Good

Head To The Phoenix Park To See The Deer

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Does your significant other adore animals? Well, the Phoenix Park is one of Europe’s largest city parks, and it’s home to 600 deer that roam freely throughout the grounds.

Finding these furry little fellows can be a bit of a pain since the park is a whopping 1,752 acres in size and they aren’t kept in any sort of enclosure. One minute they could be beside the park’s Papal Cross, and the next they’re over at Áras an Uachtaráin. We’d recommend you hire a bike at the main entrance of the park and cycle around to see if you can catch a glimpse of them. 

There are many more activities that couples can do in the Phoenix Park after they’ve seen the deer, including visiting places like Dublin Zoo.

Take A Stroll Through Dublin’s Love Lane

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “SOME PEOPLE APPEAR TO BELIEVE THAT THIS IS LOVE LANE [ IT IS CRAMTON COURT]-154886” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Name a more romantic thing to do in Dublin than taking a walk through an alleyway called Love Lane. 

Love Lane used to be a dirty little laneway that people tended to avoid, but after an initiative set up by Dublin City Council in 2014 called “Love The Lanes,” it was cleaned up and transformed into an open-air gallery filled with adorable murals, lyrics of romantic songs, and quotes about love.

You can find Love Lane at Crampton Court, which is in Temple Bar. See our post on how to get there.

Kayak Down The Liffey

Photo Provided By Mark Lawson – Unsplash

One of the best Dublin date ideas is kayaking down the Liffey. Grab your paddles and make your way through the heart of Dublin in style while seeing the city’s well-known landmarks like the Ha’penny Bridge.

You and your partner will head down the alluring river Liffey for an hour and a half while bonding and making memories that will last a lifetime. Past experience riding a kayak isn’t required. All training will be provided on the day. See here to book a tour.

Place A Lock On The Ha’penny Bridge

Photo Provided By Giuseppe Milo (www.pixael.com) – “A’penny bridge, Dublin” – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

There’s the good old “Love Locks” phenomenon that has been around the city centre for years, where couples head over to the Ha’penny Bridge with a little padlock, write a love note on it to each other, lock it on the bridge, and throw away the key. It’s a popular way to finish a romantic date in Dublin at night that’s worth considering.

Grab Some Fish And Chips Out At Howth

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “GET YOUR FISH AND CHIPS [IN HOWTH]-141028” Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Howth always comes up on a list of days out for couples in Dublin. There are plenty of fun things to do out that way, from taking on the cliff walks to admiring the ships in the harbour. Besides all that, you can get a bag of fish and chips from Beshoffs, which is absolutely to die for. Whether you’re in the mood for a scrumptious piece of scampi or a delicious lump of smoked cod, these guys have you and your lover covered.

When the weather is good, you sit on the grass across the road from Beshoffs and devour your grub. Just be careful of the hungry seagulls, who are always looking to get their hands on any food they can find. They’re vicious little fellas.

Hit New Heights At The Skyline Tour In Croke Park

Photo Provided By MarcoreinkeCroke Park Dublin” – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

The Skyline Tour in Croke Park is definitely for the more adventurous couples out there. Imagine you and your partner are 17 storeys high, walking along Dublin’s highest open viewing platform, taking in some of the best views of the city. Do you think you guys have what it takes?

This fun date idea allows you to see the capital’s main highlights from a perspective like no other. Once you’ve admired what’s on the outside, then it’s time to explore the inside. Croke Park is Europe’s third-largest stadium and holds all sorts of events throughout the year, from Gaelic football matches to concerts. Walk through the stands and just imagine what the atmosphere would be like if they were full. 

Join A Walking Street Food Tour

Stroll through Dublin city centre, trying out a selection of the city’s finest street eats. You’ll find out about the top 5 restaurants in the city, along with some sneaky places only true Dubliners know. Make sure you keep your belly is empty because there will be a lot of eating crammed into this 3-hour tour.

You’ll begin your journey on Thomas Street and be taken to some of the tastiest eateries around. Discover some hidden gems and embrace your inner foodie.

Head Up To The Hellfire Club For Sunset

Photo Provided By Young Shanahan – “The Hellfire Club.” – Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

Most people know the Hellfire Club as the spookiest place in Dublin, and I’m not going to lie to you, it’s fairly creepy up there, but my god, the views from up there are out of this world.

If you and your partner aren’t put off by supernatural stories and haunted houses, the Hellfire Club is well worth a visit. It’s located in the Dublin Mountains on top of Montpelier Hill, overlooking the suburb of Tallaght. 

Those who are ballsy enough should take the 4 km Montpelier loop. It’s the shortest possible way. After about 2 km, you’ll reach the top, where you can see the whole of Dublin as the sun goes down.

Make Your Way Out To Poolbeg Lighthouse

Photo Provided By Gabriel Ramos – Unsplash

The perfect place in Dublin for couples to spend the weekend is out by Poolbeg Lighthouse. It’s located at the end of the Great South Wall, which is close to the city and was built in 1768.

To get to the Poolbeg Lighthouse, you’ll have to take on the 4km loop trail that begins at the Great South Wall Carpark. All you have to do is walk out onto the Great South Wall, and you’ll be able to spot the bright red facade; it sticks out like a sore thumb. The walk itself only takes 40 minutes out and back, so it’s handy. Along the way, you and your better half can hold each other’s hands and take in the stunning seaside views of the Irish Sea. You’ll realize why this is known as one of the best walks in Dublin.

Have A Picnic Together With Your Partner At Merrion Square


One of the most romantic things to do as a couple is having a picnic. It’s a handy idea, especially when you haven’t a clue what else to do. 

Most people end up heading to parks like Stephen’s Green on the weekends, but for a quieter environment, head to Merrion Square. It’s only a couple of blocks away and is without a doubt a more romantic place. On your way there, stop in one of the supermarkets, grab some snacks, and grab a bottle of wine. Just be sure to clean up after yourselves.

Relax At The Botanic Gardens

Photo Provided By Paulymcsnail – Pixabay

The colourful Botanic Gardens is one date spot you can’t afford to miss around Dublin. They’re a peaceful sanctuary hidden away in the lovely little suburb of Glasnevin, with over 15,000 plant species, where many go away to take a break from the chaos. It’s free to enter, and tours can be taken for as little as 5 euros. Be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Zipline Through Tibradden Woods

Photo Provided By AaronHM – Pixabay

Zipit Forest Adventures is Ireland’s biggest high-ropes course that takes people through the Tibradden Woods in the Dublin Mountains. There are over 1.8 km of forest treetop challenges and 1 km of ziplines for you and your partner to conquer. You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to give it a shot; they’ve got certain courses for different levels of skill, so everybody can take part.

Each person has three hours on the course. With that time, you should be able to complete 3 circuits. During busy periods, circuits may take a little longer to complete. Prices for Zipit Forest Adventure depend on the day you want to visit. See their website for more details.

Indoor Date Ideas Dublin Has To Offer When It’s Raining

Take An Afternoon Tea Bus Trip

Photo Provided By Cityswift – “It’s Time For Tea Again” Licensed Under CC BY 2.0.

Hop on board an old-fashioned 1960s double-decker bus, fully transformed into a vintage tea room.

Kick back with your partner and take delight in consuming some fine Irish tea along with some freshly made sambos and scones. Make sure you keep some room for some dessert, especially the scrumptious cheesecake. 

Listen to some 1950s music while the bus takes you past some of Dublin’s popular attractions, such as Trinity College, Georgian Dublin, and many more. 

Catch A Movie At The Stella Theatre In Rathmines

Photo Provided By Felix Mooneeram – Unsplash

When most people want to go and see a movie, they usually head to a normal cinema, but did you know there’s a different type of movie experience you can have over at the Stella Theatre in Rathmines?

The Stella Theatre opened its doors in 1923 and was once the largest cinema in Ireland. Over the years, as time went on, it was restored, but the owners kept some of the decors, including the mosaic tilings, ceiling moldings, and much more. As you walk through the doors, you immediately feel like you’ve been thrown back to the early 1900s. 

There’s a wide variety of movies shown in the Stella Theatre, from old-school classics to the latest blockbusters. Watching an all-time classic like The Titanic on a Saturday sounds like an ideal romantic date night activity for you and your partner.

Take A Tour Of Kilmainham Gaol

Photo Provided By Yoav Aziz – Unsplash

Maybe you and your love interest are history buffs; if so, a visit to Kilmainham Gaol could be an ideal first date.

Kilmainham Gaol was a prison where many were held for fighting for Ireland’s independence. It opened in 1796 to hold the everyday criminal, but that changed as time went on. Prominent figures such as Countess Markievicz, Charles Stewart Parnell, and many more were held there.

Guided tours of Kilmainham Gaol can be taken, where you can learn about what the prisoners had to go through and the major events that happened there. You can book a tour through the jail’s website.

Beat Your Partner At Rainforest Adventure Golf

Photo Provided By Kayla Farmer – Unsplash

Couples that are looking to get the upper hand on each other should head over to Rainforest Adventure Golf in Dundrum. It has two 18-hole courses, the Aztec and the Mayan, for you and your partner to battle it out. They take around 40-60 minutes to complete.

It’s recommended that you book ahead, especially on weekends, because you may show up and there may be no slots available, which would ruin your perfect date night.

Help Eachother Get Out Of An Escape Boat

Put the fancy meals aside for one night and try something a little different, like a fun activity like Dublin’s Escape Boat.

Dublin’s Escape Boat puts contestants under a 60-minute time limit where they’ll complete a set of tasks before time runs out. If you don’t crack the codes, you may end up stuck on the ship while it sails away for the foreseeable future. Some couples might like the idea of that.

There are two escape options for you to choose from, SOS and Convicts, both with unique settings and a twist, so make sure you both bring your A game. Find out more information here.

Enjoy Each Other’s Company Walking Through A Free Museum Like The National Gallery Of Ireland

When it comes to cheap date ideas, a free museum is always a good bet. There are plenty of them throughout the city where you can have a romantic time with your partner. We’d recommend you check out the National Gallery of Ireland. It’s the best of the lot. It’s located beside Merrion Square and boasts 16,000 works of art, including paintings, drawings, and sculptures, for you to enjoy.

Grab A Coffee At Clement Pekoe

Photo Provided By Nathan Dumlao – Unsplash

When the winter creeps in, the weather is brutal, the nights are shorter, and you’re just not really in the mood for much, so sometimes it’s best to just have a coffee date.

Clement and Pekoe is a cute little coffee shop with a relaxed vibe on South William Street, serving all types of coffee, from nicely roasted espressos to sweet iced lattes.

Grab yourselves a cozy corner and a coffee and enjoy one of Dublin’s best coffee shops.

Experience A Drive-In Movie

Drive-in cinemas were something we all saw in chick-flick movies when we were younger, but now they have one in Dublin. Retro Drive-In Movies is located in Leopardstown. They screen all movie genres throughout the year—comedy, horror, you name it. You can buy all the same treats there that you’d find in a regular cinema, including real American popcorn and cinema-style nachos. 

The only requirement to enter Retro Drive-In Movies is that you must have a car. Sadly, you won’t be allowed to walk in and catch a sneaky look.

Take On Each Other In A Game Of Bowling

There are plenty of bowling alleys scattered all over Dublin where you and your date can head to enjoy an evening activity. Check out any of the Leisureplexes. They’re all over Dublin, in places like Coolock, Charlestown, and Blanchardstown. It’s usually cheaper to play at one of them than at a more professional bowling alley. Plus, they’re fitted with more activities, so after you and your companions’ game of bowling, you can mess around on the slot machines or play a game of Quasar.

The Best Date Night Ideas For Couples In Dublin If You Like A Drink Or Two

Grab A Cocktail At The Vintage Cocktail Club

Photo Provided By Adam Jaime – Unsplash

Hidden away behind a weathered doorway in the popular tourist district of Temple Bar is one of the best bars for a date in Dublin, the Vintage Cocktail Club. Those who are fans of fruity cosmos and intimate settings will love this place.

The vintage cocktail club prides itself on its extensive drinks menu, with over 70 selections to be precise. You and your partner will be spoiled for choice.

Finding the vintage cocktail club may be a little difficult. Out the front of the speakeasy are just regular doors with the initials “VCC” written on them, but when you go inside, you’ll be treated to a three-story venue kitted out with the finest antique furniture. 

Nurse A Pint At The Guinness Storehouse

Photo Provided By Steve Wrzeszczynski – Unsplash

The Guinness Storehouse is a popular Dublin attraction and sees plenty of couples walk through its doors. While it’s not the most unique thing you can do with your significant other, it’s still well worth a visit.

Learn about the story behind the fine stout by taking the self-guided tour and seeing how it was created and how it has evolved since its first pour. After your tour, you’ll be given a complimentary pint of Guinness in the state-of-the-art gravity bar that has a brilliant panoramic view of the city.

Sup A Whiskey At The Jameson Distillery 

Photo Provided By Neil T – “The Old Jameson Distillery” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Sharing one of Ireland’s best whiskeys with the one you love—how does that sound?

The Jameson Distillery Tour takes visitors through the history of the popular uisce beatha, how it’s made, the steps that go into it, and how it’s consumed. It’s an eye-opening experience that all connoisseurs will enjoy. The highlight of the tour is tasting the fresh whiskey straight from the barrel. Afterward, make your way to the JJ Bar, where you can try some of the crafty Jameson cocktails.

The Best Date Ideas To Try If You’re Looking For A Bite To Eat

Cook Your Own Fish At King Sitric

Photo Provided By Jeremey Stewart – Unsplash

Howth is a well-known fishing village where many seafood lovers head to purchase their daily catch. Along the west pier, you can find seafood cafes, fishmongers, and smokehouses.

The King Sitric is a family-run restaurant that sells some of the best seafood in Dublin. There you can learn all about how to master cooking all types of food that come from the ocean, from cracking open some fresh oysters to cleaning and preparing the catch of the day.

Grab A Bite To Eat At Sophie’s Rooftop Restaurant

Sophie’s Rooftop Restaurant is the perfect location for a date night in Dublin. Inhale a woodfired pizza with your companion whilst overlooking the Irish capital. 

Located on the popular Harcourt Street, Sophie’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily along with a mouthwatering brunch every weekend. All types of food are served at this popular eatery, from creamy pasta to succulent steaks.

Regardless of the weather, you can opt to sit outside on the rooftop when you’re having your meal. Even if it’s a bit chilly, there are heaters and blankets out there to keep you cozy. Make sure when you book a slot, you ask if there’s any availability on the terrace.

Play Some Arcade Games While Eating A Meal At Token

Token is an ideal restaurant for a date if you’re looking for a fun time with some good food. This bar and restaurant are equipped with 40 arcade and pinball machines that you’re able to play during your meal. Anyone can play the games; you don’t even have to be eating there to play. Tokens to play are available at the front door.

Token’s menu isn’t huge; they tend to keep things simple, but there’s something on there for everybody. Tasty burgers, fried chicken tenders, and vegan spice bags.

Have A Meal On The Grand Canal

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “A WALK ALONG THE GRAND CANAL OCTOBER 2019 [BETWEEN BAGGOT STREET AND LEESON STREET]-157861” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

All couples love to head out for a three-course meal every once in a while but imagine having that meal floating in a romantic restaurant on a boat down Dublin’s Grand Canal. 

The Canal Boat Restaurant offers a two-hour cruise down the Grand Canal with a three-course dinner that’s cooked and prepared on board the boat. There’s also a fully licensed bar where you can purchase beers, spirits, or wine. All in for the meal and boat ride, it’s 55 euros per person, and with that, you get everything included. It’s great value for money.

Make Your Way Over To Dun Laoghaire For A Scrumdidly’s

Photo Provided By Lidia Nikole – Unsplash

A sneaky trip to Scrumdidly’s is something many couples from Dublin know about. They serve the finest ice cream in the capital, which is literally to die for.

The popular ice cream shop is located out in Donabate and is famous for its combinations of gelato, such as the lucious Bueno waffle cone and the Bueno Bliss. That’s a hint for you on what to order.

After you’ve grabbed your tasty ice cream, take on the Donabate to Portrane cliff walk. It’s a lovely little stroll that gives you fantastic views of Lambay Island.

The Wild Duck Comedy Club

Check out some of the top comedy acts in Ireland at the moment with your partner live at the Wild Duck Comedy Club.

Each set of guests gets their very own table, along with full bar service and a delightful food menu to choose from. Plenty of Ireland’s funniest acts play the Wild Duck Comedy Club throughout the year, including the hilarious Jason Byrne. Be sure to get your tickets through the Wild Ducks website before they sell out.

Where Is The Best Play To Stay In Dublin For A Date Night?

date ideas in dublin
Photo Provided By Vojtech Bruzek – Unsplash

Dublin has so many amazing places to stay for a date night, from luxurious hotels to boutique guesthouses; the options are endless.

Here’s where you should check out.

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