What Are The Best Cooking Classes In Dublin?

cooking classes in Dublin
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Want to learn how to cook a new dish? Or are you looking to pick up a new hobby? If you answered “yes,” – you’ll want to find the best cooking courses in Dublin that pique your interest. Thankfully, you don’t have to do much searching because we’ve gathered the best ones for you.

Cookery courses are a brilliant way to brush up on your skills and learn a new trick or two or simply discover the works that go on in the kitchen.

In this review guide, we have gathered together five different classes that will be a good fit for all different tastes, whether you’re only learning how to cook or consider yourself a bit of a master chef.

Let’s begin with our comprehensive list of cooking classes in Dublin.

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The Best Cooking Classes In Dublin

cooking classes in dublin

Irish Craic & Cuisine: Cooking Class & Dinner In Central Dublin

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First, we have for you the Irish Craic & Cuisine healthy cooking class, one of North Dublin’s most popular cooking courses. With easy-to-follow instructions for beginners and beyond, you’ll be able to learn plenty of traditional recipes guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Participants will be taken to Ann’s home in a leafy Dublin suburb to learn about the hard work of crafting some of Ireland’s well-known dishes, including Colcannon, Irish Soda Bread, and Irish coffee(nothing to complain about). As a bit of thank you, Ann even provides everyone with a little recipe book to take home. A lovely touch indeed!

The course takes place at Kinvara Park in the Ashtown neighbourhood of Dublin, and the start time will be 7 PM and runs for approximately three hours, so plenty of kitchen time is involved.

Book this excursion fast if you’re looking for evening cookery classes in Dublin. The spots fill up like crazy, and you don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

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The Private Market Tour And Irish Cooking Class

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Imagine taking cooking lessons in Dublin, where you can be part of the preparation process. Start things off with a market tour with your host, Elena, to pick up some ingredients for the many dishes you’re going to learn how to cook in the coming hours.

Once you’ve got the goods, then it’s off to Elena’s home in the gorgeous suburb of Skerries. From there, you’ll learn how to make dishes such as traditional Romanian beetroot soup, a hearty Irish stew slow-cooked to perfection, grilled sea bass, and banana pancakes that would melt in your mouth. You’ll even discover how to craft the perfect upside-down cake better than any other baking class in Dublin.

The Private Market Tour and Irish Cooking Class lasts three hours, with a flexible start time schedule. All ingredients are included with each booking, and there will even be some alcoholic beverages provided, so make sure you leave the car at home.

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A Private Cooking Class With Erica

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Our next culinary course in Dublin takes us to the Victorian-era home of Erica.

Starting at 11 AM sharp, this 2.5 hours class will leave you with cooking knowledge that will last a lifetime. Learn how to make classic dishes plated up in every home across Dublin at least once a week, like Irish stew, Guinness brown bread, and Wexford strawberry cheesecake. The fun part begins after the cooking is done, eating all the delicious grub you’ve made. Each person will also be given a complimentary glass of wine to wash it all down.

What makes this cooking experience even better is you learn from a chef who has spent part of her career at one of the most prestigious resort towns in the world – Whistler, British Columbia.

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Private Cooking Class With Sea Views In Skerries

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How does a private cooking class where you can enjoy the fruits of your labour with the sight of the beautiful Irish sea in the distance sound?

Join Selena as she helps you learn how to create dishes influenced by her travels worldwide through countries like Vietnam and Australia. It’s not all about international cuisines, though; there will be some time allocated to cooking Irish classics like the legendary Irish stew with a hearty amount of beef and lamb.

Classes are offered around lunch and dinner; all you have to do is choose a time that fits your schedule. Remember to allocate at least three hours for this excursion, which includes some minutes for chowing down!

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1-Hour Cocktail Masterclass Experience in Dublin

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Let’s turn our attention to one of the cocktail classes in Dublin, where you can learn how to craft the tastiest drinks. Taking place in the Dublin 8 area, this 1-Hour Cocktail Masterclass Experience teaches you how to shake up the trendiest bevvies that everyone wants to try in bars across the capital. Follow a professional team of mixologists who will have you whipping up your favourite alcoholic beverages in no time.

The drinks-making course is held near Rascals Brewery, located close to the Oblate Church in Inchicore. Everyone who takes part gets a free welcome drink and an additional two drinks they’ve made all on their own; not too shabby, right? Hopefully, you’re watching your instructor, or things could become messy. Book now.

Irish Coffee Masterclass

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Finally, we have the Irish Coffee Masterclass for our whiskey fans out there. Get the inside scoop on how to make one of Ireland’s most cherished drinks, the Irish Coffee. Hear the story behind this great beverage and how it still lives on today, and how people consume it, especially around Christmas time in many homes.

The 45-minute cookery class takes place at the Irish Whiskey Museum on Grafton Street in Dublin city centre every day at 1:15 PM, so it’s not too early. Obviously, participants will get to try an Irish Coffee of their own, but be warned, that stuff will blow the head off you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If I Have Dietary Requirements?

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If you have dietary requirements, you’ll want to email the class operator as soon as you book to ensure they can look after you. Some of the courses we’ve mentioned will cater towards vegans or/and vegetarians; you won’t know unless you ask.

Will I Have To Bring My Own Ingredients?

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Many of the beginner cooking classes in Dublin won’t require you to bring your own ingredients unless they say otherwise.

If they require you to do so, they’ll usually provide you with a list of what you need to bring. That’s why it’s important to double-check the description and details of each cooking course before signing up.

How Do I Book A Cooking Class In Dublin?

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If you want to book cooking classes in Dublin, you’ll want to use Viator. Their website has a massive selection of options; whether it’s a team-building day out or a teenage summer cookery camp, Viator will have something for you.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best cooking classes in Dublin. Before you know it, you’ll be the next Gordon Ramsey!

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