When Is The Best Time To Visit Dublin?

best time to visit dublin
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Dublin is a city that can be pretty much visited any time of the year. Whether it’s winter, summer, the off-season or the shoulder season, whenever you visit, you’re in for an absolute blast.

Everybody has different tastes when it comes to deciding when to travel. Some love the busyness of a city in the summer months, while others like wrapping up for the cold weather in the winter. And how could we forget about those who love getting more for their buck in the off-and-shoulder seasons?

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to travelling during every season. But everybody always has the question on their mind, “When is the best time to visit Dublin?” Well, we’re here to give you a full breakdown and factor in everything that needs to be considered before you decide to make your decision.

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A Breakdown Of The Seasons In Dublin

Winter In Dublin (Mid November + To January)

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A lot of people refuse to travel during the winter season, but it’s actually one of the peak tourist seasons in Dublin. This is for a multitude of reasons. Some people are heading back to Ireland for a vacation during the Christmas break, while others are in the mood for a little winter city escape.

Winter is one of the best times of year to go to Dublin. There’s a real magical feeling throughout the city. The Christmas lights are turning on, the children are out singing carols with their school choirs, people are racing around the shopping centres purchasing their last few presents, and everybody’s finishing up for the holidays.

Although Dublin doesn’t see as much snow as other major European cities, it does see a lot of rain with low temperatures. You see, when there’s snow in the minuses, that’s okay because you don’t really get that wet, but when it’s raining in the minuses, that results in your clothes getting damp and a lot of people end up falling ill with the flu.

best time to visit dublin
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Since winter is one of the most popular seasons to travel to Dublin, this results in higher prices for pretty much everything, with there being more and more demand. So, if you do want to have an affordable trip, you’ll have to book it far in advance.

Pros Of Travelling To Dublin During The Winter Season (Mid November + To January)

best time to visit dublin
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  • The atmosphere around the city is amazing
  • Slight chance of snow (Don’t bank on it though)
  • You get to see a different side of Dublin

Cons Of Holidaying In Dublin During The Winter Period (Mid November + To January)

  • Accommodation can be hard to find
  • The price of everything is higher
  • It gets pretty cold and wet which may turn some people off
  • Indoor activities can book up pretty fast

Events On In Dublin In Winter (Mid November + To January)

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The Off Season (February To May)

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For anybody looking for a good bargain, the cheapest time to visit Dublin is in the off-season. Starting from February and running all the way through to May, this is a time when not many people are travelling. If the weather doesn’t bother you and you like a place with fewer tourists, you’re in for a treat.

If you were to ask me, I’d say the off-season is one of the best times of year to visit Dublin. By and large, it doesn’t see that many tourists. Christmas has just finished; the weather is poor and people don’t have as much money as before the holidays.

Bookings during the off-season are super easy because demand is lower. Hotels and restaurants have some outstanding offers that you wouldn’t find in any other season. For example, it’s not uncommon to bag yourself a cheap room in a top-rated hotel such as The Westbury.

Pros Of Visiting Dublin During The Off Season (February To May)

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  • Not as many tourists in the city
  • It’s affordable in comparison to other seasons
  • There are some great bargains (hotel deals, flights, restaurants, experiences)

Cons Of Travelling To Dublin During The Off Season (February To May)

  • There’s not as much life as there would be in the summer and winter
  • The weather won’t be great

Events On In Dublin During The Off Season (February To May)

Photo Provided By Infomatique – “ST. PATRICK’S SPIRE OF LIGHT ON O’CONNELL STREET IN DUBLIN REF-102054” – Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The Summer Season (June To August)

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Summer is the most popular time to travel to Dublin. It’s the season with the best weather, and a lot of people have time off work. Some, but not all, locals decide to run for the hills and avoid the city because they just can’t hack the over-tourism.

Dublin is hectic in the high season in terms of the volume of people passing through. Families of five, solo travellers, business trippers, you name it, they’re going to be in the city. I won’t lie, it can be a bit of a turn-off for some people, especially if you’ve saved up all year for your holiday and you have to pay the extortionate prices that are out there. Between car rentals and hotel prices, it all adds up. 

What adds to the overtourism is that a lot of Irish people tend to holiday in Ireland, so you’ve got foreign and domestic travellers all piled into a city that’s not actually that big.

Putting the negativity to one side, we have to mention that the weather in the summer is a LOT better than in any other season. You mightn’t get the sun every day and may see a little bit of rain, but it will be warm.

Concerts are a massive thing in the summer. Artists from all over the world take over the outdoor venues and perform. Multi-day concerts such as Longitude are a big hit and happen every year.

Pros Of Visiting Dublin During The Summer Season (June To August)

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  • When it comes to weather, it’s the best season
  • Plenty of festivals are held

Cons Of Visiting Dublin During The Summer Season (June To August)

  • Availablity in accommodation is scarce
  • You’ll pay more for everything
  • Overtourism 

Events In Dublin During The Summer Season (June To August)

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Shoulder Season (September To Mid November)

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The shoulder season has a lot of the same pros and cons as the off-season. It’s fall, and Christmas is only around the corner. People are saving, and everybody’s back in school. It’s a good time to go to Dublin as it’s less hectic.

Warm days are not rare in the shoulder season, especially during the month of September. It’s at the back end of the summer, so it’s not as cold as the off season.

Cheap flights to Dublin are always popping up in the shoulder season. You see, not as many people are flying then, so the airline companies are always holding sales to try to attract people to get on the plane.

Pros Of Travelling To Dublin During The Shoulder Season (September To November)

  • A chance of nice weather
  • Affordable to travel 
  • Flights are cheaper
  • Fewer crowds 
  • There is more room for spontaneity because you won’t have to book ahead

Cons Of Travelling To Dublin During The Shoulder Season (September To November)

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  • It gets dark earlier than normal, so your days are not going to be as long
  • Some tourist attractions close because there isn’t much of a demand

Events In Dublin During The Shoulder Season (September To November)

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Travel To Dublin?

Taking everything into account, including costs, weather, and tourism demands, the best time of year to travel to Dublin is during the shoulder season. It’s an affordable time to travel because there aren’t as many people there to drive up the prices, and plus, you’re in with a chance of having good weather.

What Is The Best Month To Travel To Dublin?

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To narrow it down, if I was to choose one individual month to visit Dublin for tourists, I’d say the best time is September for the simple reason that it will be still warm and you won’t have to worry about the crowds.

For Good Weather, When Should You Visit Dublin?

If you’re just focused on making sure the weather stays on your side, the best time to visit Dublin is during any of the summer months. Just be warned, good weather anywhere in Ireland is not guaranteed. The sun could be splitting the sky one moment, and rain could be falling the next. It’s unpredictable like that.

How Many Days Do You Need To See Dublin?

best time to visit dublin
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To get the full Dublin experience, you need to spend five full days there. There are tonnes of things you can do, including taking a tour of the Guinness Storehouse or Kilmainham Gaol. After you’ve thoroughly explored the city, head to the outskirts to enjoy one of the many walks, such as the one out to Poolbeg Lighthouse.

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